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By various authors. 

In lieu of divisional reports in this first issue, we invite the Association members to take a brief survey of responses from the sisterhood of divisions encouraging the launching of The Ministry:

Europe Sees " Advantages"

" I can see the advantages it would have if we could get out such a paper, and I think all you say about it is true. It could be a splendid help in our work."--J. C. Raft, Association Secretary European Division.

Africa Says "Yes"

" I feel that a little monthly paper would be far more satisfactory than the present medium. . . . A little paper would be eagerly scanned by practically all our workers and leaders. Also, it could be kept for future reference much more conveniently than can the circulars. It would give everybody the benefit of all the suggestions made for every class of evangelistic endeavor, and this would be particularly helpful to our executive workers, to help encourage the work in all lines."-- W. H. Branson, Vice-President and Temporary Association Secretary African Division.

Australasia is "Favorable"

" I consider the suggested outline for the proposed monthly publication as very excellent. . . . I think you can safely say, if the question were asked, that the publication of a paper such as you have outlined, would meet with considerable favor in this division.

" It seems to me that the time has come for the denomination to make a supreme effort to build up its preaching forces. We have large institutions and a splendid organization, and are doing a work throughout the world which calls for the expenditures of immense sums of money; but I fear that we are not making advances in the power of preaching as the demands would warrant."-- A. W. Anderson, Association Secretary Australisia Division. 

Far East Expresses '' Hope"

" I hope that it will be decided to print the matter which has been appearing in the various Ministerial Reading Course bulletins sent out from your office, in a monthly paper; or if this is not done, that arrangements will be made by which the matter which is sent from your office may reach all our English-speaking workers in this division who are members of the Ministerial Association."--Frederick Griggs, Association Secretary Far Eastern Division. 

Inter-America Says '' Ideal ''

"I am interested in your plan to issue a monthly paper to take the place of the bulletins which you are now forwarding to the field. I believe that this plan will be an ideal one. In this paper you can have the various departments and all the information which you are now passing on, given in this monthly periodical. It will be much handier for reference, for it is rather difficult to tile so many bulletins and to find just the information one desires at a moment's notice. I shall certainly be glad to see such a periodical published."-- C. B. Wood, Association Secretary, Inter-America Division.

South America ''Supports " 

"Let me assure you that you will have my support and that of Elder Westphal [Association secretary] in the proposal to establish a printed medium of communication for the Ministerial Association."- Carlyle B. Haynes, South American Division. 

Southern Asia Says "Effectual"

"I feel that you brethren are planning along right lines. I have seen for some time there should be a more effectual means of carrying to the members of the Association throughout  the denomination the important matter that has been coming to us in the form of circular letters, etc. We have been anxious here in these far-flung fields, with their multijilied perplexities and lack of facilities, to do something that would bring this material to the attention of the workers for careful study and future preservation." -- J. B. James, Southern Asia Division.

Thus the circle is complete, and from every division, cheering reports of advance are anticipated for future issues of The Ministry, together with helpful! suggestions for successful mission and evangelistic work. For every able-bodied laborer at the home bases should consider himself a possible recruit for mission fields.

Ministry reserves the right to approve, disapprove, and delete comments at our discretion and will not be able to respond to inquiries about these comments. Please ensure that your words are respectful, courteous, and relevant.

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By various authors. 

January 1928

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