A Movement Whose Time Has Come

Irresistible Power in a Movement Whose Time Has Come

The most irresistible thing in the world is a movement and a message whose time has come.

L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

The most irresistible thing in the world is a movement and a message whose time has come. Think of the message of Noah, and the desolating flood; the Mosaic proclamation, and the deliverance from Egypt; the voice of John the Baptist, and the coming of the Christ; the power of Pentecost, and the early church expansion; the Reformation movement of the sixteenth century, grounded on the impregnable foundation, " the just shall live by faith," that shook the papal throne; and then the advent movement of 1844, with the announcement of the arrival of the judgment hour. Nothing on earth could stop them. They came, each and all, in the will and providence of God, at the time appointed.

This last movement and message of God among men is irresistible. The hour is here for it to sweep around the globe with rapidly increasing, conquering power. And nothing can stay it. If you or I play false, others will spring to our places. The movement will go on to its great triumphant close. Of course it is sad to think of Noah's vineyard, of Moses' hastiness, of John the Baptist's doubts, of Luther's later discouragements, and of the frailties of men in this advent movement. But the movement with its message is bound to win, for Christ is leading, and He never fails. And we have the inexpressible privilege of triumphing with Him, if we yield unreservedly to His purifying, perfecting
work in us.

In 1888 we reached a new epoch in this movement. The hour had come for a neglected truth to be heralded, the message of " righteousness by faith," in the setting of the threefold message. I t was this culminating message, with the accompanying experience required, we are told, that began the loud cry. It is to be heard. It is this that is to crown and complete our work. Feebly at first, it is destined to swell until it bursts forth with a thundering volume that will penetrate to every human ear.

"Righteousness by faith " is not a slogan or a catch phrase. It is not merely a doctrine to receive mental assent. It is a living experience that must become a personal actuality in all who shall triumph with the movement. It is not a thing apart from the movement; it is its very essence, " the third angel's message in verity."

It does not minimize the distinctive truths that make us a separate people; it clarifies and intelnsifies them in an apostate age, and makes them glow with the radiant light of heaven. It gives them spiritual potency. It clothes the movement and its message with its culminating power.

Since in the plan and purpose of God when the hour strikes for emphasis in a given point nothing can stop it, we may rest assured that the work begun in 1888 will do its appointed work. Call it what you will, the message of the indwelling Christ, the latter rain, genuine Christian experience, the deeper life, the victorious life, righteousness through Christ, the power of  the Holy Spirit, is rightly understood these are simply varying expressions for the one all-essential, crowning provision to prepare a people to meet their God. It is God's final call for an experimental fitness for translation day. 

My brethren in the ministry, let us believe it, receive it, preach it, and practice it. It is the power we need today. And let us remember continually the irresistibility of a heaven-born principle set free at God's appointed time. It cannot be voided by men, but will accomplish its designated purpose. Let us triumph with it, and' lead our people into its triumphant fullness.

L.E. Froom


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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

January 1928

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