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Organizing the Church

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Organizing the Church

J.H. Tindall

J.H. Tindall


I do not like the idea of the regular pastors' hovering over churches as pastors, tending the members as sick lambs. I prefer to see these churchs organized in a definite manner for soul-winning work, and my method of doing so is as follows: 

The first thing is to begin a plan of education, raising standards of the church, and presenting clearly before the members that the local officers should take more responsibility, thus relieving the ministry of much that would otherwise curtail these efforts in soul-winning service. I make it clear in my sermons to the church that, if we expect the church to get to work, a true revival must take hold of its members; and if a true and lasting revival is to take hold of the members of the church, it will follow a very definite and clear-cut presentation of reformatory standards. This is all followed by the preaching of Jesus Christ and His mission to the world. 

The church, as it is organized in its Sabbath school department, is taken hold of by the missionary leaders of the church, under the direction of the ministry. Every Sabbath, after the close of the Sabbath school, five minutes is given to missionary reports. We endeavor to impress upon the Sabbath school officers that every. teacher should be a leader in soul winning. I feel that here is a very vital point. Too many of our Sabbath school teachers are persons who love to teach, but will do nothing else. I prefer to have as teachers in the Sabbath school people who are active missionaries. This one thing will bring a great revival in missionary effort.

In addition to this plan of organisation, various bands are formed, such as Bible bands, literature bands, medical missionary bands, correspondence bands, et cetera. The city is districted,  and our plan of organization puts the eIders in charge of the deacons, each elder over two or three deacons, and each deacon over ten to fifteen members of the church. Each elder with his deacons is given a district, and is held responsible for all activities in that district. The entire church is thus organized under the direction of the ministry, and constant emphasis is placed upon soul-winning endeavor.

We have always been successful in getting excellent missionary returns from a church by following a well-organized plan. Without organization, little can be accomplished.

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