The Other Meaning of the Cross

The two aspects of the cross.


Text: Galatians 6:14

The Bible reveals two aspects of the cross in its pages. First, it presents the Redemption of the Cross as the ground or sole basis of our sal­vation. This provision takes away the guilt of sin. It brings us the message of perfect peace with God through the blood of Christ, It sets forth the cross as ransom, reconciliation, propitiation, and substitution.

The other aspect emphasizes the Fellowship of the Cross:

This second truth is inescapable from such texts as, "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me," " I am crucified with Christ," " The world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world," and so on.

The first phase, the redemption of the cross, is needed for our justiftca­tion. The second, the fellowship of the cross, has to do with our sanctification. It leads to union with our Lord Jesus Christ in death to sin and the world. It .reveals the fullness of God's pro­vision to break the power of sin in the daily life. The first is indispen­sable to, give us a title to heaven. The second is imperative to fit us for heaven.

Naturally, the first aspect of the cross is easier to understand and to appropriate when presented. For that reason many get no farther with the cross than the forgiveness of sin. They are afraid of the denial the sec­ond aspect calls for in conformity to the death of their Lord. But when we accept this second provision, the first will shine with a luster never known before, and we shall understand the fullness of God's salvation for His remnant people. It is this second phase that needs emphasis today to fit the remnant church for the presence of the King. Wondrous salvation of the cross, complete and full! I accept it with my  whole soul. Do you?

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February 1928

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