Trenchant Truths

Christianity is not an experiment, but an experience.

L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

Christianity is not an experiment, but an experience.

Jesus never sought to gain a single follower by compromise.

To work for God is one thing; to have God work through us is quite another.

Philosophy presents man's search after God; redemption sets forth God's search after man.

We must apply no standards of judgment to the work of others that we would not apply as rigidly to our­selves.

The true, invisible church is found within the visible church, not in stray offshoots. Of course, there will be tares intermingled with the wheat until the burning day.

A true optimist is one who demands all the facts, however dark they may be, but is never daunted by them. Any avoiding or covering of facts while crying, " All's well," is but " ostrich " optimism.

When a doctrine or prophecy is not of sufficient importance to cause God to make it clear and plain in the divine word, is it of sufficient importance to spend hours and months and years upon it, sometimes at the risk of wrecking one's own soul and the souls of others, in agitation and defense? Oh, let us put first things foremost!

A Christian in the world is all right, but the world in a Christian is all wrong.

The conferment of official position never automatically imparts knowledge or wisdom. These result only from study, experience, and communion with the God of all wisdom.

Truly, to a large degree through our literature ministry will the " loud cry " of the message come in this age of the press. But the literature that accom­plishes this will be the reflection of the loud-cry experience of the writers.

The Holy Spirit as easily and will­ingly helps a preacher in the prepara­tion of his sermon as in its delivery. Therefore most thorough preparation is indicated. But in delivery, let us hold ourselves subject to the direct leading of the same Spirit, unbound by a rigid outline.

Higher and ever higher must the requisite standards be lifted; but it is cruel to present ideals without show­ing how to reach them. It is unjust to condemn people for their conduct without teaching them the better way. If ever in human history the how were needed, it is today.

If all brought into our churches were truly converted, special work for them would not be indicated. But alas, many have forsaken the world to fol­low Christ, but, like Peter, have not been converted. These dear people, in­tellectually convinced, must have the regenerating, transforming work of the Holy Spirit in order to see the kingdom of heaven. Our solemn responsibility to them cannot be evaded.

L. E. Froom.

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

April 1928

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