When Jesus Came In

When Jesus Came In

A personal testimony.

A district leader

From the very first Seventh-day Ad­ventist sermon I ever heard to the present time, I have believed in the Bible doctrines as taught by this peo­ple. I have searched the Scriptures diligently, and have committed to mem­ory various texts on each Bible doc­trine. I have taught these Bible truths in the desk, to groups at the fireside, and to individuals. I have also written for the newspapers and magazines un­til I have these things well fixed in my mind.

However, such subjects as " Christ our righteousness," " union with Christ," " justification by faith," and " regeneration " I had not studied as deeply as I have since the last General Conference. As I listened there to the earnest messages of the Ministerial Association hour, my heart was strangely drawn to the Saviour. Then again in the early morning consecration meet­ings, I was greatly helped. When the call was extended for all who felt their need of more power in their lives to come forward and kneel together, Jesus in a marked way came into my heart. I went home with a light, happy heart. Since then the world has seemed dif­ferent.

My Christian experience was again deepened at the camp meeting when I listened to a series of sermons on the victorious life. A little book was rec­ommended to me, entitled, " How to Live the Victorious Life," by an un­known Christian. This little volume has done me much good. Since then I have made a special study of Romans 7 and 8. I have studied all the texts that I can find in the Bible referring to Jesus as my personal Saviour. I have also spent much time in prayer, and the dear Lord has come into my very life, and has taken away the love of self, and filled my heart with His love. Now I have deep peace, joy, happiness, and a greater burden for the souls of men. The little frets, annoyances, and grievances have been crowded out. Truly, when we have Jesus, we have everything. He is our peace, our right­eousness, our justification, our sancti­fication. The Lord truly is good to us. Let us live for Him each day.

A district leader.

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A district leader

April 1928

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