Trenchant Truths

Love, not knowledge, is the test of discipleship.

L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

An ounce of experimental salvation is worth a ton of theory.

Sound doctrine will not compensate for unsound practice.

Complete subordination to Christ will bring perfect coordination within the church.

The reason why many do not do much to save others is because they have never been fully saved themselves.

If we cannot live amicably with a brother worker here, what reason have we to hope that we can live eternally with him in the kingdom to come?

Let us get accustomed to deep div­ing into the ocean of truth, scorning the shallow waters in our thinking and our studying.

Speaking of prayer meetings, the Fundamentalist Baptist Temple, Los Angeles, with a membership of 2,400, has a prayer meeting attendance of 1,549. The First Baptist church of Minneapolis, with 2,500 members, has 1,337 at its midweek meeting. Tre­mont Temple, Boston, with 3,200 mem­bers, has 2,736 attendance. And the First Baptist church at Shreveport, La., with 3,200 members, has an as­tounding prayer meeting attendance of 3,024. To those interested in statistics, here is food for thought. Here is a challenge to us. Fifty-five to ninety-five per cent at prayer meetings! Would that it were true with us.

Love, not knowledge, is the test of discipleship.

There is much ado about sermon­ettes nowadays. And many a sermon is too long. In- fact, even some ser­monettes would be infinitely better if abbreviated still more, or eliniinated altogether. If a 'man has no compul­sive message from God, no burning conviction struggling for utterance, he had better be silent. But preaching is God's ordained method of proclaiming His message to men. There is danger lest we copy the ecclesiastical fads of Babylon while condemning the styles from Paris. It is possible that those who demand sermonettes may become Christianettes, and that the ministers who follow the popular call of the hour will become preacherettes. Salva­tion's vast themes and mighty truths cannot be compassed in twenty min­utes.

Sad is the situation of the minister who can show only human credentials.

There are diversities of gifts, the Holy Spirit dividing to every man sev­erally as He will. One individual does not usually have all, or even several, of these gifts. And surely not all have the same group of gifts. Some minis­ters have the divine gift of evangelism, others of pastorship, still others of teaching, healing, or government. It is no disparagement to a man that he has one gift and not another. Not all can be successful, evangelists, nor will all make good district leaders or execu­tives. Not all are organizers, and it is certain that some are poor financiers. Let us not measure men solely by the financial rule, and give them a " Dunn and Bradstreet " rating. Soul winning is the test that God imposes. Uniform­ity is not a desideratum toward which we should strive. If we are misfits, let us search for our appointed place. The frank counsel of the brethren should be sought, for God's gifts to a man can be recognized by his fellows.

Of unwritten " Testimonies " trans­mitted as oral tradition, or even in the use of unpublished Testimonies, let us, before acceptance, demand the verified written statement. Of the many we have investigated, rarely is one quoted correctly and presented in the light of the context. Incalculable harm comes from untrustworthy " Testimonies." The twenty-three bound volumes and the printed articles and leaflets author­ized by Mrs. E. G. White,— these are accessible and dependable.

Honestly, is my life governed by principle or by policy?

Let us take the curative Word and apply it directly to the souls of men who dwell in the shadows of darkness.

Head knowledge is essential, but it should always be linked to heart expe­rience. Intellectual assent, heart expe­rience, loving service, and gladsome sacrifice,— these are the four insepa­rable earmarks of genuine salvation.

We are charged by our Lord to be­ware lest surfeiting and drunkenness dull the edge of our expectancy of His imminent return. So there is grave peril lest the " supper room " take the place of the " upper room " where the early rain fell.

The quest for adequacy and reality in religion lies back of much of the modern repudiation of popular Chris­tianity. Men are weary of the sham, the inconsistency of man-made depart­ures so generally in vogue. Failing to find the genuine, many drift into in­differentism and agnosticism, or per­chance are caught in the toils of specious half truths of cults or sects. This message alone can meet the chal­lenge of such an extremity. Sound in theory, adequate in power, harmonious with history and logic, and springing from the Word, this historic movement, surcharged with spiritual power, is to glean the honest-hearted for our returning Lord.                       

L. E. Froom

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

July 1928

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