Trenchant Truths

The gospel does not proclaim the survival of the fit, but the reclaiming of the unfit.

L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

A Sermon is not an end, but simply a means to an end.

Beware of the substitution of reli­gious education for spiritual regenera­tion.

A passionless ministry will never re­vive a cold church nor win an indiffer­ent world.

The gospel does not proclaim the survival of the fit, but the reclaiming of the unfit.

It is the most tragic moment in a preacher's life when the advent hope grows dim.

One must see the whole, so as to realize the related importance of the parts of the message.

There are so many demands upon the modern minister that he is in con­stant danger of doing everything but the one thing he has been ordained to do.

As we read the diatribes launched against Seventh-day Adventists by cer­tain opponents, and observe the gross distortions and pitiful perversions they set forth as our teaching, the thought is urged home, Are we justified in ac­cepting the statements of the enemies of the truth when launched against the erroneous sects? If they deal unfairly with us, they will with them. To the sources, then, let us go. We shall thus command the respect even of our ene­mies for our fairness. Sources, fair­ness, truth,— such is our program.

A church may have no written creed, and yet be as creed-bound in its relation to doctrine and prophecy as those who have driven their stake and decreed, " No more light beyond." Light is progressive and expansive,—"more and more unto the perfect day." God forbid that this movement should ever assume the attitude of smug com­placency, and thus reach stagnation with intolerance toward those who continue to search, to clarify, and to ex­pand the impregnable truths of the message. We cannot improve upon the old formula,—" In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; and in all, charity." Tolerance, brethren, toler­ance. Truth has nothing to fear. Let us not crush the laudable study of a brother minister.

Let irony never be confused with wisdom or sound argument. Ridicule is the handy weapon of desperate men who have no case and cannot meet truth in fair debate.

Humor undoubtedly has its proper place and use, but it also has its rigid limitations. As ministers we must never employ nor condone any parody upon Scripture, any turn of a phrase or play upon inspired words that will cheapen reverence for the Sacred Word. Ofttimes such an expression will be carried unconsciously in the mind, only to be flaunted by the tempter at a solemn moment in prayer, Scripture reading, or at a searching moment in a sermon to divert the thought and nullify the impression in. tended by the Spirit of God. Brethren in the ministry, we are the guardians of the people. Let us throw the full weight of our united influence here.

L. E. Froom.

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

August 1928

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