A New Experience in Public Effort

A personal testimony.

A Veteran Minister.

A few weeks ago I closed a public effort which, I think I may safely say, was the most satisfactory public effort I ever held. Never have I held a series of meetings in which I spoke with such confidence concerning the various doc­trines of our faith, or where I preached Christ so fully. Never did these doc­trines appear to connect more closely with each other, or to blend into the great truth of righteousness by faith, than during this experience; and I am confident that I have never held a series of meetings where people ac­cepted the truth with such a clear understanding of what genuine Chris­tianity is and of how to relate them­selves personally to Christ, that His life and power may take control.

As I studied the doctrines which we hold as a people in the light of the wonderful truth of victory and power, of righteousness, sanctification, and justification through Christ, I found food for my own soul; and the brethren and sisters, living within rea­sonable distance and faithful in attend­ance at the meetings, were truly fed and helped spiritually.

I believe that we have not yet real­ized the full result of our work in former years, and feel convinced that the seed which has been sown will sooner or later develop into a rich har­vest, as we arise and shine with the glory of the Lord which rests upon us in acknowledgment of a full surrender for a victorious life in Christ. If our brethren everywhere could see what there is in this wonderful _truth and provision of righteousness by faith, there would be no opposition or ques­tioning on the part of any regarding it. But I have learned that the knowledge of this great truth comes by the re­vealing of the Holy Spirit. The study of the subject is important, but unless God by His Spirit illuminates the mind, it will appear as foolishness.

A Veteran Minister.

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A Veteran Minister.

September 1928

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