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Closing thoughts from the editor's desk. The quest for truth is not in itself the embracing of truth.

L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

The hour approaches when we are to go forth to " proclaim the Sabbath more fully." Unquestionably this in­cludes more extensively, but the pri­mary thought is morel completely, comprehensively, compellingly. Its full significance will be disclosed in the experience still before us. The arguments have been made; the spir­itual compulsion will come through a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led people. Without being less prominently the sign of our loyalty to the personal Cre­ator in this age of evolution, the Sab­bath is to become outstandingly the visible sign of realised re-creative power in the midst of the fallen churches that are losing the vision of genuine regenerative power in human lives.

The quest for truth is not in itself the embracing of truth.

Shepherd and sheep are related, complementary terms, for the existence of the shepherd implies the presence of the sheep. And the one supreme qualification of the shepherd is love, as Jesus thrice told Peter. Knowledge, eloquence, earnestness, leadership, so­ciability, financial or organizing abil­ity, are desirable and needful acces­sories; but they are secondary. First of all comes love, love, E.

Vision is not something mystical or vague. It is simply seeing straight over a widened horizon. There is such a thing as spiritual as well as physical" astigmatism," " myopia," and " strabismus." The proportion is dis­torted. The angles are wrong. The truth is not seen steadily and seen as a whole. It is not seen as it really is. Men are seen as trees walking. Blessed are they of pure hearts, for they shall not only see God hereafter, but shall see the truth as it is in Jesus now.

If all our church members won through evangelism were thoroughly converted and living radiant Christian lives, our course would be plainly marked out in the path of intensive evangelism for nonbelievers only. But we recognize with sadness that this is not so. Therefore, we have a double responsibility, in developing the de­fective spiritual life of our member­ship, and simultaneously meeting the requirements of the Great Commission and bringing the gospel proclamation to its triumphant conclusion. Before God, we dare not neglect our respon­sibility to the needy churches. Let us workers truly add converts " to the Lord " as well as to the church.

L. E. Froom

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

September 1928

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