A New Starting Point

How great is our need in these days for grace to minister to a sin-sick, dy­ing world in such a way and with such power that souls will be impressed with the reality of the living Word!

By Jennie L. Ireland

How great is our need in these days for grace to minister to a sin-sick, dy­ing world in such a way and with such power that souls will be impressed with the reality of the living Word! New life and power must come into the Bible work. We cannot meet pres­ent-day intensity by the methods which were used twenty years ago, and the problem which exists in the minds of Bible workers is how we zan make our work more effective through bringing into every study, in a more vital and forceful manner than has ever been done before, the revelation of Christ as a present, personal Saviour from sin, — the center around which all gems of doctrinal truth cluster.

This is a problem to which I have given much study, and in dealing with a certain group of readers I have swung away from the usual line of doctrinal or prophetical approach as the basis for a series, and have begun the studies as the Bible begins — with a presentation of God as Creator, a God of love; then presenting Christ as as­sociate with God the Father in crea­tion, of His becoming Son of man, then man's Ransom, High Priest, and King; following these studies by three les­sons on the saving relationship be­tween Christ and the believer, and thence into our, full message. I have followed this method in both Bible training classes in our churches and with groups of people in homes, and have been gratified to note the unusual interest manifested on the part of all attending the studies. A number of readers with whom I have followed this plan are about ready to take their stand for the truth.

As I have been asked by a number of Bible workers to furnish copies of the outlines used in following this method, I am grateful for the oppor­tunity of doing so through the columns of The Ministry. I am submitting seven outlines, which I hope will serve to make clear the plan in mind, and open the way for more extensive study in presenting the truth from a new starting point.

Study No. 1— God the Creator, a  God of Love

1. In what words does the Bible in­troduce us to God? Gen. 1: 1.

2. How Is this same Being referred to by the psalmist? Ps. 90: 2.

3. What characteristic description is given in Deuteronomy 33: 27? (Eter­nal.)

4. What name did He announce for Himself? Ex. 3:14, 15. (I AM—the self-existing, the ever-existing, un­changeable One.)

5. By what name was He known to Abraham? Ex. 6: 3 (Almighty). He has all power (Jer. 32: 1'7); is omnipo­tent (Rev. 19: 6).

6. How should we all regard Him? Ps. 83: 18.

7. What particular power marks Him as the Supreme One? Jer. 10: 10-12; Isa. 45: 18; Isa. 40:26; Ps. 124: 8.

8. How does this great and mighty God feel toward us individually? Jer. 31: 3 (" I have loved thee "); Jer. 29: 11 (" thoughts of peace ") ; Ps. 103: 13, 14 (pities because He knows our frame); Eze. 18: 32 (would have each one live) ; 2 Peter 3: 9 (is long-suffer­ing) ; Ex. 34: 5-7 (merciful and gra­cious; absolutely just).

9. Has God changed in character or word since the beginning? Num. 23: 19; Mal. 3: 6; James 1: 17.

10. With whom does God dwell? Isa. 57: 15.

11. What does acquaintance with God bring to the soul? Job 22: 21.

12. How should we regard ourselves as related to Him? Ps. 100: 3.

Study No. 2 The Personality of God

1. What is the first reference in the Bible that reveals that God is more than an essence pervading all space? Gen. 1: 26.

2. When Moses asked to see the glory of God, what answer did he re­ceive? Ex. 33: 18-23. (Note His form here mentioned.)

3. When the prophet Ezekiel was permitted to see the glory of God, what did he say about the personality of God? Eze. 1: 26-28.

4. When the prophet Daniel beheld the judgment scene, what did he note concerning the appearance of God? Dan. 7: 9, 10. (Note His form men­tioned.)

5. What promise is given for those who shall be redeemed from the earth? Rev. 22: 3, 4.

6. Where is the dwelling place of God the place where His personal presence is to be found as it cannot be found anywhere else? Deut. 26: 15 with Deut. 10:14; 1 Kings 8:30; Heel. 5: 2, 2 Chron, 30: 27; Matt. 5: 16; 6: 9.

7. Where is the throne of God? Ps. 11: 4; Ps. 103: 19; Isa. 6: 1.3, 5.

8. Who stand on either side of the throne? Ps. 99: 1.

9. To what place did Jesus go when He ascended from earth? John 20: 17; Acts 1: 9, 11.

10. To what particular position in heaven did He go? Heb. 1: 1-3; 8: 1, 2.

11. Where is the sanctuary which God pitched? Heb. 9: 24; 1 Peter 3: 22.

12. Where is the " third heaven " ? 2 Cor. 12: 2, 4. Where is " paradise " ? Rev. 2: 7. Where is the " tree of life " ? Rev. 22: 1,

13. Name some of the powers of God's being that man also possesses: Speaks (Ex. 20: 1.18; Dent. 5: 22-24; Heb. 12: 25-29) ; hears (Ps. 3:4; Mal. 3:16); sees (Ps. 94:9; Ps, 34: 15; Prov. 15: 3) ; thinks (Jer. 29: 11); loves (John 3: 16) ; grieves (Ps. 95: 10) ; rejoices (Isa. 62: 5).

Los Angeles, Calif.

(Studies to be continued)

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By Jennie L. Ireland

December 1928

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