Qualifications and Equipment

Instruction concerning the choice of men as Bible teachers.

By Francis M. Burg

Concerning the choice of men as Bible teachers, we are furnished with definite instruction: " The best min­isterial talent should be employed in teaching the Bible in our schools."— " Testimonies," Vol. VI, p. 134. While it does not follow that the Bible teacher who is also a minister, should preach, to his students, he is ever to aim toward the highest standards in teaching, life, and conduct, which are set before minister, pastor, and evan­gelist.

Teaching is not preaching, but true preaching is teaching; and as minis­terial Bible teachers, it is appropriate that our paramount and ultimate aim should be in accordance with the prin­ciples which make for an ideal min­istry.

In his book entitled, " The Ideal Ministry," Dr. Herrick Johnson sets forth requirements for " Perfect Man­hood in Christ Jesus," which are as applicable to Bible teacher as to pastor or evangelist. He specifies that in the life of the ideal minister it will be apparent that—

His ruling spirit is love.

His subject matter, the word of God.

His pre-eminent business, preaching Christ.

His central theme, Christ crucified.

His eternal sanctions, everlasting life and death.

His co-operating agent, the Holy Spirit.

Here is a comprehensive survey of the field of opportunity, responsibility, and available power in which the Bible teacher operates. How greatly we need the love of God as the ruling spirit of our lives,— love that is born of a vis­ion of the worth of the souls for whom God has paid the great price. With this impelling love actuating us, how untiring our work will be, what vigi­lance, prayerfulness, patience, and tenderness will characterize our ef­forts in behalf of the students in our classes.

How can we hope to rescue the un­converted or present our students as fitted for their life work by any other means than by implanting in their hearts the word of life, and presenting Christ and His atoning work on the cross in the forefront of all our teach­ing? To us as teachers, Christ must be the first and the last, the " all and in all," if we are to convey to our students a saving experimental knowl­edge of Him.

" Everlasting life and death " are our " eternal sanctions." A soul lost or a soul saved, determined by our teaching — what a solemn challenge! And in order that we may not fail in meeting the requirements devolving upon us as Bible teachers, there is furnished the equipment of power vested in the Holy Spirit, which " awaits our demand and reception." Shall we not often seek the secret place of prayer, to ask and receive renewed supplies of power for rightly teaching the Bible in Seventh-day Ad­ventist schools?

College Place, Wash.

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By Francis M. Burg

May 1929

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