Editorial Keynotes

Between the soul and God.

L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry.

Have I a profound conviction that God has called me to this specific gospel  work in which I am now engaged?

Am I honest with my conscience, in all issues that arise recognizing my personal, nontransferable accountability to God for my attitude and answer?

Am I really living by principle? or am I just seeking to please my superiors (bluntly, to hold my position) ?

Do I know the historic foundations of the prophecies I expound? or am I simply repeating parrotlike the assertions of others?

Am I a fruitful laborer, worth more than my salary? In other words, am I an asset or a liability to this movement?

Have I a burning, living message when I speak? or do I deal with common­places?

Are the lives of my hearers transformed? or are they stagnating about me? Have I a glowing, growing experience in Christ? or am I a formalist, mechanically going through the motions?

Am I developing my intellectual powers and adding to my fund of informa­tion? or am I at a mental standstill?

If If challenged as to my faith, do I know my ground by personal investigation? or have I been operating on hearsay?

Do I know the victorious life as a living experience? or just as a theological expression?

Is the advent hope flaming brightly? or in my inner consciousness, never expressed in words, do I delay my Lord's return?

When a brother differs with me on a doctrinal position, am I broad enough to credit him with honesty and sincerity and to respect him, though we cannot see alike?                                                                                                                

L. E. F.

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry.

August 1929

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