New Joy in Life and Service

A personal testimony concluded.

A Mission Director.


Some time after the experience which led to an hour of meditation and prayer each morning, we obtained a. copy of the book entitled, " Christ Our Right­eousness; " also the book entitled, " Power Through Prayer." Another book was lent to us, entitled, " Real Prayer." My wife and I read these three books about the same time, and we both caught a glimpse of the larger and deeper experience which God de­sired to bestow upon His people. As we sought to enter into the experience, we found refreshment for our thirsting souls; it was to us as water in a dry land.

In connection with these new and wonderful experiences of our inner be­ing, there came to our hand three cases whereby God wrought miracles to strengthen our faith and reveal His power. The first was the case of a little child, the daughter of one of our recent converts, who was taken sick and the doctors said she must die. We brought the child to our home, and there came to us the conviction that here was God's opportunity to demon­strate His power to answer prayer and heal the child. We prayed as we had never prayed before. We did not tell the Lord very much about what we wanted Him to do for the child, but we did plead with Him for forgiveness for ourselves. Before we rose from our knees, we had the assurance that God had heard our prayers and that the child would get well. That child is well and happy today, and the testi­mony to the power of the living God has made a deep impression. A few days later, a man came to us to be patched up, having received a severe cut in the neck. He told us that he trusted more in what our God could do than in the skill of the physicians. In this case, divine power was also manifested. Then occurred the healing of an old chief, and the giving up of his idols and uniting with the church.

These experiences were so marked by the divine Presence as to lead to the most solemn realization that God was willing to do great things for us at all times, if we would but ask Him and enter into that covenant relation­ship of heart and mind where He could speak to and through us.

We then began to pray for our native workers, and the Lord sent a spirit of prayer and confession upon them. Difficulties vanished, confessions were made, wrongs were righted. A spirit­ual awakening was manifest through­out the city. Many became eager to know the way of truth, and in one year we baptized a larger number of believers, by seven, than we had dur­ing any two previous years of our la­bor in the mission field.

When we reached the place where we saw our own need and entered into a new experience for ourselves, God sent the blessing into other hearts as well, and there was a harvest of souls. When we were willing to be revived and reformed, God sent a revival and reformation into the church. And not only that, but new places have been opened and new calls are coming in, showing that God's Spirit is preparing the way before us.

We are happy in our new experience, and would not willingly go back to the old way. At times we still find it difficult, as we travel about, to have our seasons of communion alone with God; but rising an hour earlier than would otherwise be necessary, provides for our need. We would not miss it for anything. We have found our first love right where we lost it — in the quiet hour alone with God.

A Mission Director.

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A Mission Director.

August 1929

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