The Anchor of Justification

A personal testimony.

A Veteran Minister.

The Anchor of Justification

Sons years ago, while president of a conference, my mind was awakened to the great need of the Holy Spirit in my life and work. A few of us workers began to make a study of the subject, which led to deep heart searching, sur­render, earnest prayer, and waiting on God. At that time God greatly blessed us, and souls were converted. But later, as we recited our convictions, longings, and beliefs to other brethren, it was apparent that they did not see much light along the lines of study we were following, and they so stated the matter to us. We at that time made the mistake of allowing their attitude to discourage us, and as a con­sequence, we talked less about the Spirit, prayed less, drifted in our own experience. Thus the years went by, and we became widely scattered over the face of the earth. But all through the years we, as a group of workers, look back to those days with joy and satisfaction, as the richest and bright­est in our experience.

I was assigned to work in Africa, and there again I came face to face with my personal need of the Holy Spirit to enable me to live a life of victory, and to meet the problems of that field and reach that heathen peo­ple. I purposed to seek God anew, and in the bush alone with God I found free and full forgiveness of sin, and entered into justification; and I know that since that time the " cleansing " has been going on in my life, as I keep yielded to God and continue instant in prayer. In the wild African bush I found an experience which has been as an anchor to my soul, both sure and steadfast,— the forgiveness of my sin through the blood of Christ, and the righteousness of Christ imputed and imparted to the repentant sinner.

But I am not satisfied to rely on that past experience. Day by day I am seeking and finding to a greater degree the power of an indwelling Saviour. I remember the praying sea­sons in the old days, and wish that we as workers might have more of them. Occasionally a fellow worker and I get together and talk of the great need of more of the Spirit, and to­gether seek for the coveted blessing. But as a general thing we hear but little said concerning the Spirit. It is largely work,— work, goals, and campaigns, one after another, with ap­parently little thought of the Power essential for success. But " I know whom I have believed," and mean to press on to know more and more of the power of the Holy Spirit to save, keep, illuminate, and guide.

A Veteran Minister.

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A Veteran Minister.

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