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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

Separate! — The church of which we are part and parcel is not one of the denominations. It is a unique movement, a divinely appointed message that knows no territorial, racial, nor creedal lines. It is here in response to the call of God and in answer to the prophetic forecast. We must never in our concepts class ourselves in any degree as one of the denominations, else we shall unconsciously ape their ways, follow a their forms, tread their pathway, and reap their fate.

Youth! —Any organization that does not hold its own young people a is standing on perilous ground. There is no more fruitful nor important responsibility that an Adventist preacher faces today than that of gathering in and shepherding the lambs of the flock. They are our rightful heritage. They are precious to God, and constitute the hope of this movement. God not only wants united families in the eternal king­dom, but He needs faithful workers with such a background. Save our youth.                                                                                                                           

Dignity! — How unwarranted is that little pedestal of assumed dig­ • nity upon which some perch themselves. But we are all common clay. Official position, titles, degrees — none of these change the fact that we are just sinners saved by grace. And if we stumble and sin by word or act, we must go over the pathway of repentance and confession just the same as any other sinner. We are not exempt because of conference employment. We will gain the confidence of others only by our frank­ness and sincerity. And we will never be right with God until we do. Sin cannot be whitewashed.

Tests! — The fact of proclaiming " the truth " is no license for care­lessness. It is solemnly incumbent upon every herald of the message to be scrupulously accurate and faithful to fact, avoiding all questionable authorities, fanciful interpretations, or unprofitable speculations. Our testing hour is coming when our statements will be put into the crucible a of pitiless investigation by our enemies. Every plank in our platform will be examined. The foundations will be scrutinized. Woe to him who uses unworthy arguments or unsound evidence. This is our golden day of preparedness against that time.

Experimental! — Membership in this movement must be translated into living Christian experience or it will avail naught. We are not saved en masse, nor on the membership basis. One who knows and accepts reformatory truth for this hour cannot conceivably be other than a member of this movement. But salvation is a personal transaction between the soul and God. It is individual and experimental. If not an experience, Christianity is but a name, and church membership of no more avail than belonging to a secular society. The church is God's ordained organization, designed for the mutual upbuilding of its members and to afford a channel for organized service for Him.                             

L. E. F.

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

November 1929

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