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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry.

Prejudice! — Blind, unreasoning, distorting, and ugly, the prejudice of man cannot see the good in another's words or acts. Everything is visioned through blue or jaundice-colored spectacles. Words are crit­icized, expressions are vivisected, and motives are impugned. Variance • and criticism result, even among professed Christian workers. Let us pray God to protect us from this hateful, unclean, un-Christian thing.

Diversity! — Never crush a man's personality. Because he does not speak, write, or labor as you do, is not proof that he is less effective. It would be a tragic situation if all were to be forced through a single mold. God designedly gave a variety of talents and a diversity of per­sonalities, that wider appeal might be made to different minds. "He that is not with Me is against Me," is Christ's dictum.

Honesty! — The passion for truth demands all the known facts of the obtainable evidence, faithfully and fearlessly drawing an honest con­clusion therefrom. That method which seeks and admits only evidence substantiating a theory previously held, but blinds its eyes to other and modifying evidence, is unscholarly and unworthy a herald of this move­ment. It is a species of regrettable dishonesty, inconsistent with the essential Spirit of truth. Let it not be named among us!

Perspective! —We can become engrossed and fascinated by exam­ination of secondaries which, because of being in the immediate fore­ground of one's study, loom all out of proportion to their importance, and so fail to fix the thought on the mighty primaries that are para­mount for ministers and for people. Sometimes it is wholesome to step back and view the whole range at a single sweep. Thus we will distinguish clearly between the mountain peaks and the little foothills.

Unity! — It is the devil's studied purpose to weaken the efforts of the remnant movement and vitiate the power of a united front through internal dissensions over fancied fundamental teachings or practices. This leads to demanding personal rights of speech and agitation, and seeking to deny the same to a brother minister who, though agreeing on the established pillars, begins to contend over architectural accom­paniments of the structure. Such plots of the enemy must be foiled. We cannot afford to be trapped by his subtle schemes. Remember, " United we stand; divided we fall."

Frankness! — There has grown up on the part of some through the years an unfortunate lack of frankness in expression of real conviction. When they discuss a subject publicly, we incidentally wonder what their personal opinion is, That is the method of diplomacy. It is of the earth, earthy. It should have no place in the church of Christ, and should be banished forever. Men should be free to express honest convictions without fear of decapitation, and never should men stoop to curry favor. In apostolic days it was not so. In the pioneer days of this movement there was frankness, sincerity, and regard for the sincere convictions of fellow workers. This is the spirit we need.                                          

L. E. F.

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry.

February 1930

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