Power of the Living Christ

A personal testimony.

A foreign missionary

A recent visit to a Buddhist tem­ple led to serious reflection con­cerning my Christian experience. As I entered the temple I was introduced to a Buddhist priest, a highly educated man, who had spent a number of years in the United States and other coun­tries. It seemed to give him great pleasure to tell me of his religion and to display his idols. Drawing aside two long curtains, there came into view three large, hand-carved, gilded Buddhas. These sleeping figures nat­urally led into conversation regarding the ethics and philosophy of Buddha.

After listening to the priest for some time, as he told of the ideals held by Buddhists—many of which were ad­mittedly good—I inquired if Buddha gave the power to perform these good works. Without a moment's hesita­tion, he frankly told me that Buddha transmitted no power to any one, and that no man had any power outside of himself. Then referring to the Christian's belief in God, he said, "All God can do for you is to give you a law. You must obey that law; but there is no power bestowed whereby to obey the law of God. God has never given any man power, and He can't help anyone."

How thankful I was that I had proved the fallacy of such statements, and that I was enabled to speak from personal experience concerning the re­ality of God's power and willingness to help, and to stand as a living wit­ness to the freedom from evil habits and sin which it is the privilege of the child of the living God to enjoy. Yet it was not so many years ago that my experience was similar to that de­scribed by the priest of Buddha, when I thought that my own good works would save me. What a blinded, pit­iful condition to be in,---professing to believe in Christ, in whom is all power in heaven and in earth, and yet dwell­ing on the same level of experience with the heathen!

For years I looked to the standard which we as a people have set before us, and I struggled to live up to this standard, but in vain. When I came to realize that I was attempting to do that which Christ alone could accom­plish, and that which He was willing to do for me, I yielded my life into His hands for Him to work out His own righteousness in me. I praise God for the message of righteousness by faith. I rejoice in the Seventh-day Adventist standard, the highest in the world; and I am thankful that God, through Christ, gives power to enable us to reach that standard, and to ex­alt the doctrines which we hold so dear through making Christ the center and the circumference of all our teaching.

A foreign missionary.


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A foreign missionary

February 1931

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