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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry.

Condense!—Leave some things to the imagination. For example, the omis­sions in the narrative are as important as the descriptions. The average mind reasons from cause to effect. Give it a chance. This is the day of condensation.

Merge!—Subordination of all personal or sectional interests in behalf of the welfare of the cause at large is as logical and requisite as was the operation of the same principle at the time of the World War. Ours is a holy warfare, and we are soldiers of the King of kings.

Representative!—The minister is a public representative of this message. He is therefore an object of special observation, and should ever walk, talk, dress, act, and recreate in the light of this sobering fact. This inescapable responsibility imposes restrictions upon him that are ignored only at the loss of spiritual prestige, and perhaps of peril to souls.

Critics!—There is nothing so distressing to critics as to be ignored. They write or talk in the hope of attracting attention. They thrive only as they gain recognition. When met by silence, their cause languishes. There are, of course, times when gross misstatements of fact call for a corrective pronouncement, but these instances are comparatively rare. We have a constructive work to do, a positive message to give; and just to the extent that we permit our time to be diverted to defense, our assigned work is hindered.

Office!—Let none bemoan the loss of official position. There is no privilege so exalted, no position so honorable, no life to be so coveted, as that of direct, full-time soul winning. Official position is naught in comparison therewith. Official life is filled with cares, distraught with multitudinous details, many of which are of a mechanical nature. The criticisms of men are mingled with their plaudits, and the powers conveyed by church vote can be as quickly re­moved. Let not the intoxication of office allure; the supreme privilege of the minister is to evangelize.

Capital! —Has not the hour come to encourage believers of means to make draft upon their capital for the consummation of the cause we love? What greater evidence of the lateness of time's hour do we need? Erelong it will be too late for such gifts. A thousand dollars now will be of greater use than vast sums later. The hour approaches when the treasures of earth will all be valueless. Many will offer their means when it is too late. Others will be anguished by the loss of all as persecution arises. Surely this is the golden hour for buying up providential opportunities.

Perplexity! —If troubled over some perplexity in the writings of the Spirit of prophecy, remember that there are likewise perplexing statements and prob­lems in the Bibld. The presence of this feature is not, therefore, a valid objec­tion to its authority and heavenly origin. Read the writings, live in their atmosphere, and see if the soul is not lifted heavenward, if the ideals are not exalted, if the vision is not clarified by their study. Where, outside the word itself, can be found such spiritual insight, such lofty ideals, such loyalty to and light on the word? Such evidence is unassailable.                                             

L. E. F.

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry.

February 1932

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