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Contacts With Other Churches

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Contacts With Other Churches

H.E. Willoughby

BY  H.  E.  Willoughby



Some months ago we had a remarkable instance of healing by prayer. One of our members, who was given up to die of cancer, was told that she had not more than three months to live. She asked for special prayer and anointing. We called upon the entire church to join in intercession. God heard our united prayers, and today this sister is a well woman. Moreover, she is a new creation in Christ Jesus. Her daughter also has taken a firmer hold on the truth, and it is inspiring to hear their testimonies. Recently, the pastor of the Presbyterian church in Lewiston invited me to his home to ask about this sister. He had heard about her experience, and told me that his entire congregation had been watching the case for several months, and are convinced that God wrought a miracle in her behalf.

Another interesting occurrence was in connection with the Christian church. The pastor called me over the phone, and said that at a meeting of his church board, the discussion of their finances came up. It was con­sidered a very important matter, since they were having a hard time to get their members to feel their financial responsibility toward the church. It was finally decided that they should try to get some outside speaker to visit their congregation, and talk to them about church finances. After being unable to settle on any of the names suggested, one of the board members stated that if they really wanted some­thing constructive on that subject, they should invite the local Seventh-day Adventist minister to speak on it. It was therefore voted that the pastor be instructed to invite me to give the address. I accepted in the hope that I might be able tb make a good impres­sion for God's truth among the aristo­cratic members of this church.

Last Friday night, upon invitation of the president of the Ministerial As­sociation of the city, I spoke at the First Baptist church. My theme was the meaning of present world condi­tions. It was a union meeting of all the churches, and nearly all the preachers in town were present. They spoke appreciatively of the message given. The Baptist minister said, "I want you to come over to my church again some day soon, and give a sermon of that kind." The Presbyterian minister said, "You certainly gave us a lot of searching things to think about." The Methodist minister said,  "That was a real 'Amen' sermon, the old-time Methodist kind." Since then I have heard similar comment by lay members of the different churches. These are confirmatory evidences that the wonderful truth which God has graciously committed to us is the message for the world at this time. I cannot help thinking how wonderful it is that this truth, given by a humble servant of God, makes so much greater impression on the public than do the high-flown words of highly educated ministers who do not have a message meeting present-day conditions.

I speak of these experiences simply to show that the third angel's message is growing in demand, even with people of churches who in times past have been bitter in their prejudice against us. It appears that we are entering the time when God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. I find everywhere an increasingly open and friendly attitude on the part of the so-called upper classes in behalf of the truth for these days. 

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