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Reasons for Continuing the Church Calendar

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Reasons for Continuing the Church Calendar

B.F. Bryan




Initiation of the Church Calendar plan has been supported by a strong array of good and sufficient reasons, but the reasons for continuing the use of the Church Calendar are equally numerous and authentic, a few of which may be set forth by way of emphasis, as follows:


1. The Church Calendar contributes to orderly and dignified worship, every item in the order of service being pro­vided for and kept before the congre­gation.

2. It impresses important facts upon the mind of the individual in a more lasting manner, and with a modesty and dignity which oral announcement could not convey.

3. It keeps the church members in­formed as to the personnel of the church family, by giving the names of new members uniting with the church either by baptism or letter, and also the names of departing members.

4. It keeps the church in the front rank of progress of the denominational program of special days and offerings.

5. It serves as a " booster " for all lines of departmental endeavor, stimu­lating all missionary effort for home and foreign fields.

6. It keeps the membership in­formed as to the progress of the work of the church in all its departments.

7. It aids to an amount far exceed­ing its cost in increasing the revenue of the church. (Actual figures dem­onstrate this to be an annual fact.)

8. Its cost, as compared with its ad­vantages, offers so strong a financial reason that the necessary amount is freely provided through the church expense fund maintained by the con­stituency. If a printed calendar is not feasible, there is always resort to mimeograph, excellograph, simplicator, letterograph, neostyle, or " ditto " process, which may satisfactorily serve to good purpose at very low cost.

Yes, we consider there are ample reasons for continuing the Takoma Park Church Calendar.

Takoma Park, D. C.

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