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The One Thing That Really Matters

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The One Thing That Really Matters

J. L. Shuler

J.L. Shuler



I. Introduction

The one thing in life that really matters is the question of one's actual relation to the Lord Jesus Christ. The great question of what will be­come of you and of me depends upon what we do with Jesus Christ. John 3:36. Our standing before God at any moment depends upon the relation we sustain to Jesus Christ. John 3:18; (5:24).*

The ABC of salvation is—All have sinned; Behold the Lamb of God; Come unto Me.

Since the supreme essential is to accept Jesus, it is of the utmost im­portance that we know precisely what it means to accept Him.

II. Discussion

1. Accepting Christ is more than accepting the historical facts about Christ. Many believe in Christ as they believe in George Washington—just as a historical character. But the Christ of history must become the Christ of experience if He is to save my soul.

2. Accepting Christ is infinitely more than assent of the mind to the truth that Jesus is the only Saviour of man. It involves yielding the life to His lordship. In this respect be­coming a Christian differs fundamen­tally from becoming a Mohammedan or a Buddhist.

3. Accepting Christ is more than merely joining or attending a given church, though that is a requisite. Being a Methodist, a Baptist, or even an Adventist through membership is not synonymous with accepting Christ.

4. Accepting Christ involves a spir­itual operation as well as a mental action. Really to accept Jesus Christ is to be born again, to live for God. John 1:12, 13; 2 Cor. 5:17; (1 John 5:1). If we have never been born again, we have never really accepted Jesus Christ.

5. Accepting Jesus calls for a revo­lutionary change—a transformation from a life of sin to a life of righteous­ness. Eph. 4:21-23. Note how the person will live who has really accepted Christ. Eph. 4:28, 25, 29, 31, 32.

6. Accepting Christ is receiving Him by the Holy Spirit to live His life within us day by day. John 15:5, 4, 6; (Gal. 2:20).

7. Accepting Christ involves obedi­ence to His known requirements. (John 15:14; 10:27, 26); (Matt. 12: 50; 7:21; Luke 6:46); 1 John 2:3, 4. If we refuse to do even one thing He commands, no matter how it may ap­pear to us, we are really excepting Him, and not accepting Him. (John 13:8.)

8. Accepting Jesus calls for an en­tire surrender to His will in all things. (Luke 14:33.)

9. Accepting Christ is entering into the various relations with Him which He has commanded us to sustain to Him—to "believe in," "come to," "con­fess," "receive," "follow," "love," "abide in" Him.

III. Conclusion

The supreme question, therefore, be­fore every soul is, "What will you do with Jesus which is called the Christ?"

What have you been doing with Him? following afar off? professing Him, but never receiving Him into the heart? denying Him?

Will you now turn to and receive Him? (Rev. 3:20.)

You who have never made any pro­fession of Christ, what will you do with Him?


If we do not accept Him, we reject Him (Matt. 12:30).

If we do not confess Him, we deny Him.

If we do not let Him in, we shut Him out.

Will you turn to Him just now?

* Note.—The texts I read in delivering this sermon are the scriptures without pa­rentheaes. All texts in parentheses are quoted.

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