Our Primary Need Today

What we need today more than money is a deeper, fuller, richer Christian experience.

By A.V. Olson

What we need today more than money is a deeper, fuller, richer Christian experience. We need more of the love of Christ in our hearts, more of His overcoming grace, more of His spirit and power. We need a revival from above, a new fire, a new zeal for God and His work.

We are living in serious times. All about us are signs showing that the end is near. Satan knows that he has but a short time left, and he is working with all his power to deceive and to destroy not only the world, but also God's elect. Multitudes are being overcome by the cares of life. Fear and anxiety are driving many to despair. Our only hope is in God. We must as workers seek Him with all our heart. We must seek Him alone in our closet, at the family altar," and in the sanctuary. This is our primary need today.

Bern, Switzerland.

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By A.V. Olson

May 1933

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