God's Man is Different

God has but few men. Though the harvest is great, yet the laborers are still few in compar­ison with the great work to be done.

By Robert Hare

The world has many men. Millions of devotees crowd its shrines, aspire after its fame, and seek for the posi­tions it would offer. Their voice is heard in legislative halls and schools of learning, while their footsteps echo along with the multitudes who tread the pleasure walks or business marts of earth. 

God has but few men. Though the harvest is great, yet the laborers are still few in compar­ison with the great work to be done. One rea­son is that God's man must be different from all the world's ideals. Everything about him must bear witness to his high calling as an am­bassador for the King of kings.

His words must be chaste, his attitude rev­erential, his dress adapted to his calling, and his voice sweet as the music of God. His whole life bearing must be dignified and his charac­ter clean as the stars.

His work must be done, not in the spirit of boastfulness, but in the kindly, persuasive spirit of the Master. Sympathy must tender both heart and temper. While he touches the things of the world, he must ever remember that he is to be a soul physician.

"The more closely a man walks with God, the more faultless will be his manner of address, his deportment, his attitude, and his ges­tures."—"Testimonies," Vol. IV, p. 405.

Touching divinity will alone fit a man to touch his fellow men. "Not only with our words should we speak to the people, but every­thing pertaining to our person should be a ser­mon to them."—"Testimonies," Vol. II, p. 618.

O that we might learn more fully the sacred responsibility linked with the work of Jehovah! The garments of the high priest were to be "for glory and for beauty." But those garments could never be worn to cover falsehood or dis­loyalty.

God's workman must have a message, else he will run to no purpose. To that message his soul must be fastened with bands of steel. Then the promise is, "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life."

Be like the Master in both thought and deed, In faith, in converse, and in creed ;

Like Him in temper and in form;

Like Him in life, in calm or storm,

Till men beholding truth in form of clay,

Will learn to love the Master you obey.

Be like the Master, live His blessed will;

A servant, follow Him in service still;

In sweet devotion learn His saving art.

Then whisper kindly to the weary heart.

Wahroonga, New South Wales.

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By Robert Hare

November 1933

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