Using the "Coming Events" Column

Counsel for greater evangelism.

By E.A. Beavon

Under the heading, "Economy in Advertis­ing," one of the suggestions made in a for­mer issue of the Ministry was that the news­paper columns headed "Coming Events," "City and Vicinity," or more simply "Announce­ments," can be advantageously and economi­cally used for advertising evangelistic meetings. They are studied for local news by people who often completely overlook the regular adver­tisement columns.

Last winter I discovered there were other ways in which these columns could be used to great advantage. In the same brief paragraph which advertises the next meeting of a series, one can emphasize the important truths, dispel doubts, provoke thought, and even answer crit­ics, provided it is done briefly and tactfully. The following inserts, which were used effect­ively in Brantford, Canada, last year, contain the germs of other ideas in the way of news­paper advertisement that may be helpful for our workers.

Emphasizing the Truth

"The Seventh Day is the Sabbath of the Lord." It is the true Lord's day. Attend Bible Class tomorrow at 2 to 3 P. M. Evangelist _________  will speak on "Freedom of Conscience."

Worship on the true Sabbath (Saturday), and receive the blessing promised in Isaiah 58:13, 14. [Notice of Sabbath school and preaching service follows.]

Prepare for Sabbath, Adult Bible Class, with special classes for children, at 2 P. M. tomorrow. Evangelist— will speak at 3 A. M.

"Now to stand for Truth is noble While we share her wretched crust, E'er her Cause brings fame and profit, And 'tis prosperous to be just."

Dispelling Doubts

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Sabbath our Lord and His disciples kept, and the Chris­tian church for centuries. In British Acts of Parliament it is still called "Dies Sabbati." Sunday first began to be called the Sabbath in the seventeenth century. If you are one of those who believe that the seventh day is still the Sabbath of the Lord, we invite you to meet with us tomorrow.

Jesus Said: "The Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath day." To call Sunday the Lord's day is to deny Christ's own words. The so-called Jewish Sabbath, Saturday, is the true Lord's day. Meet with the Adventists to­morrow.

It Was Christ's custom to attend church on the Sabbath (Saturday). He also foretold that His disciples would be keeping it forty years after His resurrection. (See Luke 4:16 and Matt. 24:20.) If you believe Jesus is our example in all things, meet with the Sabbath keepers tomorrow.

Answering Critics

"The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath day." These words were spoken by the Sav­iour. Tomorrow, Saturday, is the true Lord's day—the day Christ hallowed. It was "made for man," not just for the Jews. There are faithful observers of the seventh-day Sabbath all over the world. There is nothing holy about Sunday. It is nothing more than a memorial to racial prejudice, and began with Roman con­tempt for the Jewish people. If you are a lover of truth, meet with us tomorrow in the Arcade.

Philipp Melanchthon, Reformer, wrote in 1545 concerning the Papacy: "He changeth the tymes and lawes." [Here follows an abbre­viation of the well-known paragraph regarding the change of the Sabbath quoted on page 154 of "Our Day."] Preferring God's commands to human tradition, God-honoring Christians ob­serve the same Sabbath Jesus kept, namely, the seventh day, Saturday. Meet with other truth lovers tomorrow.

Do You Knowwhy Christ died? Did you ever reflect that "salvation" means victory over sin, and that Holy Scripture contains two definitions of "sin"? Hear __________  tomorrow, speaking on "God's Remedy."

Did Our Lord destroy the law when He fulfilled it? Read the whole passage, Matthew 5:17-20, and hear Evangelist — tomorrow afternoon when he speaks on this subject.

Provoking Thought

Where Are the Dead? Did you ever stop to ask yourself this question? Hear the Bible answer tomorrow.

Hellf-Fire! Hear the truth about it. Jesus Christ said that His angels would gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and cast them into a furnace of fire. Matt. 13:42. When Christ raised Lazarus, did He bring him up out of hell torment, or did He call him down from heaven? You will be satisfied with Evangelist —'s answer. He speaks on the above subject tomorrow.

Will the Jews return to Palestine before the return of Jesus Christ? Don't miss this gripping lecture.

"Peter"—was he the first Pope? Has he the keys of heaven? And was the Roman Cath­olic Church the first church? These are important questions. Can you answer them? If not . . .

The Strongest Possible language is used in the fourteenth chapter of Revelation with regard to those who "worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark." The Almighty declares concerning all such: "The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation." Why such lan­guage? What is the "mark of the beast," and who will receive it? These questions will be frankly and positively answered tomorrow night.

The foregoing advertisements caused many to decide to attend the services who were waver­ing and undecided until they read them. The importance of an arresting opening cannot be overestimated. When a larger advertisement appears in the same paper, a good idea is to call attention to it in the smaller notice, re­ferring to the page on which it will be found.

Brantford, Ontario.

Ministry reserves the right to approve, disapprove, and delete comments at our discretion and will not be able to respond to inquiries about these comments. Please ensure that your words are respectful, courteous, and relevant.

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By E.A. Beavon

November 1933

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