The Better Workman

Improvement in Method and Technique

By R.E. Griffin



Windshield Advertising

I have used a special method of advertising, and finding it effective, am passing it on to the readers of the Ministry. It is a gummed white paper about 4 x 6 inches, printed on the gummed side, to stick inside the windshield of automobiles. Usually all I have printed on this paper is "Hear Griffin," in bold type, to­gether with the place. This is when we have services every night. Just now we are preparing for a Sunday night series of lectures, and have it printed thus:


The Armory—Mason City 


We get the members of the church to stick these on their automobile windshields, and then on the opening night at the hall we distribute these stickers to all who will promise to paste them on their cars. I find this arouses the curiosity of the people as they see these on cars here and there over the city. Then when they inquire who it is that is creating such an in­terest, they take cognizance of announcements of the meetings which they may chance to see.

I have tried having notices printed on the side opposite the mucilage, and pasting them on the outside of the windshields or car windows, but there they are more easily lost or marred.

Mason City, Iowa.

Evangelistic Announcements

In the advertising used by Evangelist J. G. Mitchell in his recent series of meetings in Charlotte, North Carolina, the first announce­ment is in the form of a two-page folder, size 51/2 x 81/2 inches, printed on a good grade of enamel book paper. In a panel formed by a line border is given the invitation:

"You are cordially invited to attend the Grand Opening of the Big Gospel Tent, E. 4th Street near Cecil, Sunday Night, July 9, 7:45 P. M. Hear__________ . Subject, 'Where Is Heaven?' "

The lower right-hand corner of the folder con­tains a half-tone of the evangelist, which also forms the corner of the panel border. The sec­ond page contains a paragraph describing the nature of the meetings, another giving the scope of the prophecies to be studied, and a third the invitation here quoted:

"The Bible and the Bible Only, Our Motto

"Every sermon will be built upon the Bible, and the Bible only. Every question will receive a Bible answer. Here is where you will find real help in and for your religious life. If you are skeptical and desire to find the truth, come. If you are a Christian, and need help, come. If you want to know what the Bible teaches, come. There is a message for every one—and everyone will receive a hearty welcome, with­out respect to belief, church, or creed."

An illustration calling attention to the ques­tion box feature appears at the bottom of the page. The third page gives the subjects to be presented during the week. On the last page attention is called to the fact that the sermons may be secured free in printed form, and an invitation is extended to attend the song service.

The advertising for the other weeks of the series appears in the form of a dodger, 6 x 10 inches in size, printed on one side only, on less expensive paper, a different color being used each week. Twice during the series, a dodger 334 x 7 was used by way of contrast, to call attention to a particular subject, such as the question of immortality. Both sides of the small leaflet were printed.

The last advertisement, headed, "Learn to Study Your Bible," gives an invitation to at­tend the free Bible classes, the evangelist in this way endeavoring to transfer his audience to the church, where lectures are given three evenings a week, Bible classes on two evenings, and another evening is given over to baptismal class work.

Preaching by Radio


While located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was invited to speak over the radio on Christmas Eve. I took the church choir with me, and we prayed earnestly for help to enable us to tell effectually the story of the birth of the Saviour. The next morning a wealthy lady phoned me to arrange for an appointment, her interest having been aroused through the radio program. She has since united with the church, and takes a deep interest in its work.

I also started my radio work at Carthage. Illinois, over station WCAZ, on Christmas Day, and was invited to speak again the next week. I was then asked to speak weekly, which I did for six months. The owner of the station told me to feel free to tell from the Bible just what we believe. This opened the way to give the essentials of our message. An interesting fea­ture of my broadcast was the "Question Period." I invited people to ask questions by sending a card to the station. These cards came in. such great numbers that the station manager granted me two full hours for answering questions.

We mailed Present Truth, two copies each week for twenty weeks, to those who requested it by card. This resulted in twenty-eight ap­plications for continuance of the paper. I wrote a letter to these people, requesting a Harvest Ingathering donation. I have received $6.50, and no doubt will receive more.

I have received some interesting letters and cards. The station manager told me that my lectures brought more mail than any other reli­gious program, and they have a large Lutheran College located at Carthage, which broadcasts every day over this station. Several people have expressed their joy in finding truth they had never known before. The names and ad­dresses of all who wrote from outside the State of Illinois have been referred to the various conference presidents to follow up.

Many requests have come for me to speak again, and I expect to begin shortly a new series of lectures over station WCAZ. This work requires diligent study and preparation, but I find it is good for me. May God direct many of our ministers to the radio in the giv­ing of this last message to the masses.

Quincy, Ill.

Distribute Your Responsibilities

If we as leaders follow the instruction given I- through the Spirit of prophecy regarding the finishing of the work, we shall put every member to work in so far as we find it pos­sible. No one man should attempt to do the work of ten or more. This is what Moses was doing when Jethro advised him otherwise, and we read that Moses, acting upon his father-in-law's advice, immediately sought out able men to act as leaders.

Following this suggestion, only using the numeral 7 instead of 10 as a basis of division, I have organized churches so as to be able to engage every member possible in active soul-winning work for the church members, as well as for those outside the church. The various departments of church activity, such as liter­ature, welfare, Harvest Ingathering, petition soliciting, church finance, student campaigns, missing Sabbath school members, etc., are cared for by these groups. Special care is taken to keep in close touch with members who may be discouraged, in order to prevent backsliding on their part; for we should endeavor to hold our own as well as to gain new acquisitions.

The plan of organization is as follows:

board wishes to get into the hands of each member to sign, indicating the amount he will give to church expense.

He, or the pastor, will call the elders to­gether, and give them the cards showing the names of all members in their respective groups.

Each elder selects and hands to his officers (1, 2, 3: Bond, Chase, and Philips) the cards belonging to their particular groups, who in their turn hand to their assistants (1, 2, 3, 4: Bond, Percival, Harrison, and Lyon) the seven cards containing the names of their seven-member flocks.

Each assistant then visits these seven mem­bers, securing the desired information and signatures, returning the cards to his officer, which in this instance is No. 1, Mr. Bond; No. 2, Mrs. Chase; or No. 3, Mr. Philips. These in their turn give the cards to Mr. Jones, Elder No. 1, for the use of the finance committee or the treasurer.

Again, suppose the Sabbath school superin­tendent is looking for missing members. He hands to the pastor or elder the names of all missing members, and the elders look over the names and assign them to the leader in whose group they are listed, and they are then passed to the "member worker" (the assistant officer), who endeavors to obtain the promise of the missing member to attend Sabbath school, hav­ing the results written on the card containing the name, and returns it to his officer, who passes it to the elder, and he to the superin­tendent of the Sabbath school.

Each group leader of seven with his chief officers should study the names and ability of each member in his group for missionary ac­tivity, and assign each accordingly for cam­paign work or any other of the many func­tions in which he may be able to serve. The plan of organization is as follows:

(See PDF for plan)

Working illustration: Brother Jones, Elder No. 1, who is also the chairman of the finance committee, has a budget card which the church group will seek for members to the Missionary  Volunteer Society, children for the church school, report cases of need to the Dorcas So­ciety, and cases of discouragement or backslid­ing to the pastor or elder. They serve to pass out quickly information regarding any or all members (or from the leaders to the members as may be desired). In fact, this plan affords a way in which all members of the church will be kept active in all church interests, and never be out of touch with the other members.

This does not prevent the maintaining of other organizations within this organization, for they work in co-operation with each other. In this connection read "The Church the Light of the World," in "Testimonies," Vol. V, pages 454-467.

Brookfield, Ill.

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By R.E. Griffin



March 1934

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