Evangelism in the Solomons Through Native Teachers

Although the great battle line between truth and error has swayed to and fro through the centuries, the church now finds itself engaged in the great last conflict with the enemy.


Although the great battle line between  truth and error has swayed to and fro through the centuries, the church now finds itself engaged in the great last conflict with the enemy. The Lord has wisely stationed His forces—few in number though they be, as was the case with Gideon's army—at strategic points in all the world, in preparation for the final advance, as a "witness unto all nations." Our hearts should be stirred at what is occur­ring before our eyes. The word "depression" is often seen and heard these days, but high optimism should characterize the true Chris­tian as he realizes that this world-wide mission advance will terminate in the end.

It is evident, from what is being accom­plished by native teachers in the evangelization of thousands from various races and tongues, that they are taking a vital and active part in fulfilling that marvelous prediction of Jesus, "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."

Native evangelism is effectually taking its part in the closing scenes. The products of our training school here in the Solomons play a large part in the important work committed to us. Here our young people are taught the great doctrines and principles of the message. They are led to look upon Jesus, and then by His grace to live out His life of victory in their own lives.

Frequently calls for help are received from those who sit in darkness, and the mission training school is asked to fill the need if pos­sible. Since it is manifestly impossible for the foreign missionary personally to answer every call, worthy young men are chosen to carry the torch of truth and salvation into the remote places. Thus Jesus still feeds the scat­tered multitude with the bread of life, through the medium of consecrated native teachers.

A teacher will endeavor by tact and perse­verance to make friendly contact with the heathen among whom he lives, associating with them, so far as is consistent, in their daily liv­ing. He establishes his simply equipped village school. He also introduces morning and eve­ning community worship, after having created a desire in the hearts of the people by drawing their attention to the only true God and their Creator. They are fed daily with the "sincere milk of the Word," the stronger food being re­served to build them up in the faith.

Early in such contacts with mission influence many, still heathen, will learn to utter simple prayers. And marvelous is the work of grace that often follows this departure from their old ways, and sooner or later evil practices are left behind, being replaced with works in harmony with their new-found faith. As early as pos­sible the teacher will organize a Sabbath school, which is always productive of great good. At a convenient time he will also or­ganize a baptismal class, with which the mis­sion director keeps in touch. When those re­questing baptism show by their lives that they are ready to take this step, they are baptized and enter into church membership.

In addition to their spiritual work for the needy, these "brown apostles" are able to give physical aid in the form of simple treatments. Their practicability is also demonstrated in that they are able to lead out in the building of churches and schools, and in the recon­struction of native villages by erecting better houses.

In these South Seas thousands of people have been led to the Saviour through the faithful efforts of these native workers. They have thus learned to honor the Sabbath, to return a faithful tithe, to love the Lord Jesus, and to look earnestly for His return. Their whole outlook on life is wonderfully changed. Indeed, the spiritual and physical changes that take place in the lives of these people, often within the space of a few months, would, according_ to the evolutionist's estimate of change, take thousands or even millions of years. The gos­pel is an overwhelming challenge to all such false theories.

The soul-saving work of these native teacher-evangelists can be fully evaluated only in heaven. They have been called by God to a special work for this special time.

Choiseul, Solomon Islands.

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