Our Statistical Picture

A review of our church statistics from around the world.


The membership of the 7,640 churches of the  denomination throughout the world, Decem­ber 31, 1933, was 384,151. This is a gain of 269,594 during the last twenty years, or 162,277 during the last ten years, or 98,858 during the last five years. This makes a net gain during the last five years of 19,771 annually. The net gain during the last year was 22,050.

The number added during 1933 by baptism was 37,824, and on profession of faith, 3,128, a total of new members received during the year of 40,952.

This work is now conducted in 295 countries and islands, by 22,254 evangelistic and insti­tutional laborers (an increase of 1,539 during 1933), who are using in their work 503 lan­guages and dialects. The increase in languages during the last seven years is 247, or one new language added on an average of every ten days. This is an increase of 20 countries and islands in which we began work during 1933, and of 18 new languages in which laborers are conducting work.

Denominational literature is now produced in 160 languages, in the form of 6,902 books, periodicals, pamphlets, and tracts, containing 510,952 pages, one copy of each costing $2,004.87. The number of persons employed by the 69 publishing houses producing this literature is 1,060; and the number of persons employed in its circulation is 3,107. The value of denominational literature sold in 1933 was $3,387,682.66; since 1863, $99,362,717.42.

The number of primary schools is now 2,064, with 2,807 teachers and an enrollment of 71,579. -There are 207 advanced schoola employing 2,325 teachers, with an enrollment of 23,481; or a total of 2,271 schools, with 5,132 teachers, having an enrollment in all the schools conducted by the denomination throughout the world of 95,060. In other words, the total en­rollment is equivalent to one fourth of the total church membership. The value of build­ings and equipment thus used is $10,380,323.60.

There are 66 sanitariums and 57 treatment rooms and dispensaries,—a total of 123 insti­tutions where the sick are cared for, employing a total of 4,466 physicians and nurses, treating during the year 423,576 persons, and giving aid to charity cases to the extent of $440,967.10. The value of the institutions thus engaged is in excess of $10,000,000.

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November 1934

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