Principles Governing Health Teaching

Improvement in method and technique.

Assembled by Kathryn L. Jensen, R. N.

"To make natural law plain, and to urge obedience to it, is a work [of health reform] that accompanies the third angel's message." —"Counsels on Health," p. 21.

1. Correlate health work with every activity of the church. A personal matter. ("Testimonies," Vol. VI, p. 369.)

A family matter. (Id., p. 370.)

A church matter. (Id., p. 289.)

A school matter. (Id., p. 370.)

2. Link spiritual truth with the work of making "natural law plain." (Id., p. 290.)

3. Health educators to avoid faddism and narrow views. ("Testimony Studies on Diet and Foods," * p. 103, par. 9.)

4. Go no faster than people can follow. ("Testimonies," Vol. III, pp. 19-21.)

5. If we err, err on the side of the people. ("Testimony Studies on Diet and Foods," p. 104, par. 4; p. 43, pars. 8, 9, 10.)

6. Avoid overemphasizing one feature of the health message. (Id., p. 105, par. 1.)

7. Substitution, and not merely subtraction, should be the essence of all health teaching. ("Ministry of Healing," pp. 316, 317.)

8. Novices should not be allowed to give the health message in the field. ("Testimonies," Vol. II, pp. 386, 387.)

9. Technical knowledge of disease and its causes, necessary for teachers of health princi­ples. ("Testimony Studies on Diet and Foods," p. 105, par. 8.)

10. Health work not to take the place of the third angel's message, and yet not to be given independently of the message. (Id., p. 88, par. 3.)

11. The proper place for the subject of health reform in the evangelist's message is with sub­jects on the preparation to meet the events brought to view by the message. ("Testimo­nies," Vol. I, p. 559.)

12. Courtesy and patience with the ignorance of others to be the outstanding characteristics of those teaching health reform principles. ("Ministry of Healing," p. 157.)

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Assembled by Kathryn L. Jensen, R. N.

November 1934

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