Those Memorable Round-Table Hours

An Editorial Epitome and Tabulation

I.H.E. is editor of the Ministry.

The St. Louis and Philadelphia Coun­cils of Evangelists each had an early morning Bible study to begin the daily sessions. These searching studies, largely on the Holy Spirit,—and quite similar in the two gather­ings,—are appearing serially through the Ministry. Their influence in molding and spiritualizing the councils can scarcely be over­estimated. The early afternoon lectures on "The Rise of Adventism," reconstructed from the contemporary historic source documents, will appear subsequently in book form, and so will not ap­pear in these columns. But each day, the later morning and closing afternoon hours, together with the evening ses­sions, were devoted through. out to the "Round Table" dis­cussion of a comprehensive list of topics arranged in log­ical sequence.

The larger portion of the time of the councils was, therefore, devoted to this unique and invaluable ex­change of experience and views on methods. In these periods there was utmost free­dom of expression under the guidance and encouragement of Chairman Branson. The plan of procedure was to have either visiting Evangelist Rich­ards or Shuler, or a local worker, introduce the subject that had been assigned, then throw the item open for general discussion from the floor.

In reporting the two councils, which natu­rally covered the same topics, it was thought best to merge the discussions from the floor into one joint presentation. This plan is fol­lowed, therefore, in those items presented in this thirty-two-page "Evangelism Special, No. 2," and will obtain in the subsequent reports to follow throughout the year.

Several of the topics were, after the discus­sions, crystallized into recommendations, re­quests, or statements. For convenience' sake, that these may all appear together, they are printed in this issue, though certain discussions issuing in recommendations appearing here, must, because of space limitations, be deferred until subsequent issues. Only the "Joint State­ment on Evangelism," which was printed in March, and forms the basis of all subsidiary resolutions, and that on "Advent Source Ma­terials," likewise in March, are separate from the general group, beginning on page 6.

The notable "Question Box" period, when the box was opened, with its interesting and informative answers, and its invaluable summarization of principles and factors, will appear later, as well as re­ports from the Bible work­ers' section of the Philadel­phia Council, the daily press instructional period of both councils, and the foreign workers' group meetings at Philadelphia.

That all may follow the Round Table topics with greater interest and facility through this and subsequent numbers, the topics are here reproduced:

The Agenda

1. The Meeting Place (Location and Appointments)

a. Tents

b. Halls

c. Tabernacles

d. Theaters

e. Airdomes        

f. Churches

Preparing the city for the effort

2. Securing an Attendance

a. Methods of advertising

b. Character of advertising

c. Mistakes in advertising

3. Preaching the Threefold Message

a. Holding to Christian fundamentals and the great doctrines of the message

b. Avoiding fanciful interpretations

c. Avoiding moot questions

d. Avoiding nonessentials

e. Avoiding debates

4. Making Doctrinal Preaching Spiritual

a. An appeal in every sermon

b. Preaching Christ

c. Altar calls

d. Inquiry meeting after sermon

5. Order and Arrangement of Subjects

a. Use of charts; stereopticon slides

b. Moving pictures

c. Still films

6. The Daily Program

a. Workers' meetings

b. Responsibility of Bible workers, assisting min­isters, and musicians

c. Work of the evangelist

7. Getting Decisions

a. In the public meetings

b. In the after meetings

c. In the home

8. The Evangelist

a. Spiritual life

b. Deportment

c. Example

d. Soundness in the faith

e. Private study

f. Dress

g. Personal finances; living within his means

h. Side lines of business

i. Wife and children

j. Confidence of his associates

k. Example in liberality

l. Morals

m. Influence

n. Recreations

9. Preparing Converts for Baptism and Church Fel­lowship-Methods

a. The baptismal class

b. Personal work in the home

c. Personal acquaintance with each candidate

d. When is a convert ready for baptism and church membership?

10. How Long Should a Series of Meetings Usually Continue?

a. In a new place

b. In a church

c. How many nights a week

d. Should Sunday night meetings be conducted between efforts?

e. How to hold an audience through a long series

11. How to Teach the Health Message in Our Public Efforts

a. Who should teach the health message?

(1) The evangelist

(2) Doctors and nurses

b. Should we speak on temperance?

c. Cooperation with temperance organizations

12. Pulpit Manners

a. Plan of meetings well arranged

b. Prayer before meeting

c. Proper attire

d. When to enter pulpit

e. Bearing, dignity

f. Lightness out of place

g. Unbecoming postures

h. Sensational methods

i. Efforts to produce a laugh

j. Reverence in preaching

k. Reverence in prayer

l. Posture in silent prayer on entering pulpit m. Mannerisms

13. Financing the Effort

a. A budget

b. Help from the conference

c. Help from the church

d. Collections-how often?

e. Economy necessary

f. Study and revise budget weekly

g. Appeals for special donations

14. Value and Use of the Radio in Public Evangelism

a. In preaching the message

b. In advertising

15. The Question Box in Public Efforts

16. Training Lay Assistants

17. Training Young Evangelists

18. The Responsibility of the Conference President and the Committee in Planning for and Support­ing Public Evangelism

19. Helping Ministers to Budget Their Time to Pro­vide for Public Efforts

20. Conference Officers and Public Evangelism

21. The Relation of the Evangelist to the Conference. Program

a. Goals

b. Special campaigns

c. Foreign missions

d. Church activities

22. The Follow-up Work

23. Fitting the New Members Into the Church Pro­gram

24. How May We Increase Our Results in Soul Win­ning and in Holding Our Converts?

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I.H.E. is editor of the Ministry.

April 1935

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