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December 1936


The Expanding Needs of Our Work

Closing Address, Autumn Council, Fort Worth, Texas, October, 1936


Baptismal Committee for Large Efforts

A matter of more than ordinary concern to all our ministers, and church officers as well, is the question of proper instruction for baptismal candidates.


Conflict of the Ages Series—No. 1

We believe this journal ren­ders a distinct service to the cause of truth in placing before the worker force of this movement reliable information on such vital matters as those relating to the writings of the Ellen G. White books.


Power for the Finishing of the Work—No. 1

The role of the Holy Spirit.


Statistical Report for 1935

A look at the membership and growth of the church around the world in 1935.


Getting the Attention of the Public*

Address at Ministerial Association meeting, June 3.


Moffatt's Unwarranted Liberties

Moffatt's misleading translation of Genesis 2:4


Effective Prophetic Symbol Device

I have been asked to describe the device with which I illustrate the leading prophetic sym­bols of Daniel and the Revelation to such great advantage in an evangelistic series.


Capitalizing Empty Stores

Evangelistic meetings held in empty store buildings have, I believe, usually proved rather unsatisfactory, to those of our workers who have tried this method.


Selection of Music and Singers

There is a wealth of material from which to draw in selecting church music. It is not necessary to use the cheap, trashy music that has sometimes crept into the church services.


A Godsend to Laymen

Laymen invited to follow the Ministerial Reading Course.


Editorial Keynotes

A remarkably constructive council.


The Responsibility of Leadership

The minister of the gospel is charged with a solemn responsibility as a steward of divine truth.


Curbing Membership Losses

Discussion in preliminary Presidents' Council, October 21.


Read or Perish—No. 2

No worker can give his best service, nor find his place most effectively in the life and work of people today, without knowing what life and work have meant to men of other days.


Editorial Postscripts

From the Ministry back page.


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