Three Great Objectives

The three distinct, but related, objectives of the field school of evangelism.

By J. L. Shuler, Southern Union Evangelist

The Field School of Evangelism, as projected under the foregoing resolution, was born of recognition of the call of the hour for a greater evangelism. The enthusiasm with which the plan was received by the Southern Union com­mittee and the workers present at the recent session of the Southern Union Conference, indicates that the time is ripe for a forward evan­gelistic movement in Dixie land, in keeping with God's call for this mighty hour.

The Lord has given us a band of noble young men ready to enter the harvest field. We be­lieve that they are worthy of, and entitled to, the best help we can give them. But there is an unbridged gap at the present time between ministerial training in our colleges and the actual holding of, evangelistic efforts, with the successful binding off of the effort.

The truth is that many of our ministerial in­terns who attempt to hold efforts, flounder around, blunder along, and merely "muddle through" for lack of tutorage under such a plan as a comprehensive Field School of Evangelism.

For lack of this training, many of these young men settle down in pastorates as soon as their internships terminate. But we believe that with the proper training, they would be fired with true evangelistic zeal, and be inspired to dedicate their lives to full-time public evangelism with increasing success. Thus they would be able to play a large part in the fin­ishing of the work under the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit for these last days. This new Field School of Evangelism, under God's blessing, can successfully bridge the ex­isting gap between college ministerial gradua­tion and successful soul winning in the field.

Such a course of training should, among other things, accomplish three distinct but re­lated objectives:

1. It should, teach young ministers who take this course how to do effective personal work for souls. As they enter into all that is involved in altar calls in public meetings, and in the aftermeetings with those who respond, and spend all their afternoons for twelve weeks in actual personal work in the homes of the in­terested, they will learn methods and meet with experiences that will be of untold value through­out their future ministry.

2. They should learn how to conduct Com­munity Bible Schools. We believe that such schools will be a most effective means of winning souls in this great Bible Belt in Dixie. The evangelists in training will take charge of Community Bible Schools under guidance. By thoroughly indoctrinating and instructing the converts, these schools, held twice a week in the homes of the interested, will stabilize and establish the results of the public meetings which are conducted five nights a week by the union evangelist. The Community Schools will, in turn become feeders to the public effort. As interested persons from the public lectures open their homes for these schools on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights, they will invite their friends to their homes for the studies, and these friends will in turn become interested and begin to attend the public lectures by the union evangelist on the other nights of the week.

3. This training in the successful technique and worth-while methods of holding an evan­gelistic effort in direct connection with an ef­fort week by week, where the young evangelists see the principles applied before their own eyes, will enable these young men to go back to their home conferences and conduct successful efforts of their own. The twenty-four lessons on evangelistic procedure will be so timed that the instruction given each week will be worked out that week in a practical demon­stration in the night meetings. Each step in the procedure will be analyzed for their benefit, and they will see why we follow a certain course of action, and why we avoid certain things.

We shall endeavor to lead these young men into a deeper consecration and a fuller surren­der to God. We believe, with Mr. Varley, that God is waiting to show this world today what He can do through a group of men who are entirely surrendered to His will. A deeper consecration on the part of our young minis­ters, plus improved methods, will be a combina­tion that is bound to win.

All this will mean hard work for their teacher. But the joy of seeing more souls won to God and the anticipation of looking forward a few years hence and entering into the fuller joy and success of these young men, should lead one privileged to engage in such work to dedicate his life gladly to the task set be­fore him.

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By J. L. Shuler, Southern Union Evangelist

June 1937

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