Subjects for an Evangelistic Series

A sample list of topics.

By H. M. S. RICHARDS, Evangelist, Southern California Conference

I am frequently asked by younger evangelists to supply a suggestive list of topics for a series of meetings. This is very difficult for me to do, because I never find it possible to list my subjects in the same order or advertise them by the same name in any two efforts.

For this, there are several reasons: First, because of the changing events of the day. The political and social world is changing very rapidly, and we change our subjects both in order and in name to fit these changing con­ditions. We take advantage of what happens to be the big news event of the hour or some condition of great public concern. For another thing, we must remember local conditions. The churches which may be in the neighborhood.

First Week

Sun. What and Where Is Heaven?

Mon. The Coming World Dictator—Will He Rule From Moscow or Jerusalem? [Based on Daniel 2.]

Tues. Why Has God Not Destroyed the Devil Before This? Did a Good God Make a Bad World?

Wed. The Second Coming of Christ.

Thur. Will Man Soon Travel From This World to Other Planets? [Increase of Knowledge.)

Fri. A Message From the Bun, Moon, and Stars—Astronomical Proof That Christ's Coming Is Near. [Stereopticon lecture on dark day and falling stars.]

Sat. The Blessed Virgin Mary—Why She Was the Only Woman That Ever Lived Who Could Have Been the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Second Week

Sun. Spiritualism—Do the Dead Actually Return?

Mon. Has Christ Appeared in Canada? [Based on magazine article on New York preacher's experience.]

Tues. Jonah and the Whale.

Wed. God or Gorilla? [Stereopticon lecture with special invitation to high-school students.]

Thur. Peter and the Rock.

Fri. The Seven Wonders of the World.

Sat. Who Wrote the Bible1—Strange Story of Crocodile Mummies. [Screen pictures of Bible evi­dence from archeology.]

Third Week

Sun. The Outcome of the War Between Capital and Labor According to Bible Prediction.

Mon. Japan and the Kings of the East in Bible Prophecy.

Tues. Are Other Planets Inhabited ? [Screen pic­tures of astronomic wonders.]

Wed. Did Christ Descend Into Hell to Preach to Lost Souls?

Thur. The Thief on the Cross—Is He in Paradise Now?

Fri. Protestant Purgatory—Where Is It? [Proving that in this life we are, through God's providences, prepared for heaven.]

Sat. Is Healing in the Atonement of Christ on the Same Basis as the Pardon of Sin? [Lecture is fol­lowed by special prayer service for healing of sick.]

Fourth Week

Sun. The Sabbath Christ Made—Is It Saturday or Sunday? and the opposition or lack of opposition on the part of other religious movements in the neigh­borhood must also be taken into consideration.

It seems to me that aside from a general out­line of subjects to be covered, it is almost impossible to prepare a list which can be used everywhere without changing the order and names of these subjects to meet conditions that arise. We must take note of public feel­ing, of local prejudice and custom, and of the canons of good taste. However, upon request, I am submitting a list of subjects used under the special conditions obtaining during one local effort. In this series, meetings are con­ducted every night for one hundred days or more.

Mon. World-wide Search for a Missing Bible Text.

Tues. The Ten Commandments in Hollywood.

Wed. What Was the Famous Handwriting That Christ Himself Destroyed?

Thur.—Archeology Against the Skeptics. [Screen pictures of archeological discoveries proving Bible true.]

Fri. Not Under Law, but Under Grace.

Sat. Should Women Smoke? [Screen pictures of tobacco evil. Also free prescription for cure offered. Use L. & H. Library, No. 11, "The Truth About To­bacco." containing Dr. Kress's prescription.]

Fifth Week

Sun. When the Turk Leaves Europe, Is the End of the World at Hand ?

Mon. Is Russia in Bible Prophecy?

Tues. The Great Beast—Antichrist of Bible Proph­ecy. [Study of Daniel 7.]

Wed. Terrible Tortures in Secret Dungeons of the Dark Ages. [Screen pictures of persecution.]

Thur. The Wonder Man. [Special invitation to children. Screen pictures of Jesus.]

Fri. The Unpardonable Sin.

Sat. My Seven Minutes in Eternity. [ Strange ex­periences of William D. Pelly.]

Sixth Week

Sun. An Amazing Revelation—How the Whole World Went Astray on a Great Vital Truth—"Who Changed the Sabbath ?"

Mon. The Great, Modern Golden Calf. [Financial difficulties of today in the light of James 5, Isaiah 2, and other texts.]

Tues. Five Hundred Years of Prophecy Fulfilled in Twenty-four Hours.

Wed. Solomon's Temple Explored by Lantern Light. [Screen pictures of sanctuary.]

Thur. Hear About the Strange Cross Discovered in the Desert. [Further lecture on sanctuary, especially dealing with arrangement of altar of sacrifice, altar of incense, ark, table of showbread, and candlesticks in form of a cross.]

Fri. How Near Are We to the Judgment Day? Sat. Who Is the Scapegoat?

Seventh Week

Sun. The Great Millennium on Earth---When Will It Begin?

Mon. Mussolini and the Turk. [Showing attempt of Mussolini to reestablish the Roman Empire at the expense of the Turk. Also, how the latter shall conic to his end, and none shall help him.]

Tues. What and Where Is Hell?

Wed. The Rich Man in Hell.

Thur. My Visit to the Mystery House at San Jose. [Screen pictures of famous Winchester house built at dictation of spirits.]

Fri. The Man That God Forgot.

Sat. The Mystery of the Golden Bible and the Sa­cred Spectacles of Mormonism. [Free admission by card only.]

Eighth Week

Sun. The Three-Hour Sermon on the Sabbath. [Starts at 7 :15 and closes at 10 :15. Follows example of famous three-hour sermon of Paul Kanamori of Japan, in which he covered the entire Christian reli­gion in three hours.]

Mon. What Is the Soul? How Much Does a Soul Weigh? Is the Soul Naturally Immortal?

Tues. The Unquenchable Fire and the Worm That Never Dies.

Wed. What Did Jesus Christ Teach About Life After Death? -

Thur. Selling Life Insurance. [Spiritual lecture on eternal life insurance.]

Fri. The Seal of God in the Forehead.

Sat. Hard Nuts for Seventh-day Adventists Cracked With the Bible Nutcracker.

Ninth Week

Sun. The Mark of the Beast in the Forehead or in the Right Hand.

Mon. The Seven Churches and the Synagogue of Satan.

Tues. The Seven Churches and That Woman Jezebel. Wed. The Four and Twenty Elders and the Beast Full of Eyes.

Thur. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Fri. The Souls Under the Altar—How Did They Get There ?

Sat. Silence in Heaven for Half an Hour. [Another study on the second coming of Christ.]

Tenth Week

Sun. The Great Army of Two Hundred Thousand Thousand—A Mighty Revelation Prophecy. [Study of the Seven Trumpets concerning fulfillment of proph­ecy, August 11, 1840.]

Mon. The Lion Cry of the Advent Message. [Revela­tion 10.]

Tues. Two Witnesses Attacked by the Beast From the Bottomless Pit.

Wed. The Oldest Church With the Largest Member­ship—Is It the Roman Catholic, the Greek Catholic, or the Protestant?

Thur. Have Visitants From Other Worlds Been Seen on Earth? [Study of angels.]

Fri. The Great Elijah Message—Will the Prophet Elijah Return in Person Before the Second Coming of Christ?

Sat. Death in the Pot—Will the Brewer's Associa­tion and the Whisky Ring Save Us?

Eleventh Week

Sun. The Great Red Dragon With Seven Heads and Ten Horns.

Mon. Six Hundred Sixty-Six—The Heaven-Marked Man With a Mystic Number.

Tues. My Letter From Abraham Lincoln. [Based on letter from spirit medium, which, she says, was written to me by the spirit of Lincoln. A review of Spiritualism and state of the dead.]

Wed. The Great Question Robert Ingersoll Could Not Answer. [The question is, "How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?"]

Thur. The Modern Dance—The Carnival of Death. Fri. The Spirit of Prophecy in the Last Days. Sat. The Sacrifice of the Mass.

Twelfth Week

Sun. Is the United States in Bible Prophecy?

Mon. The Blood Reaching to the Horses' Bridles—Will It Actually Happen? [Final destruction of the wicked.]

Tues. Is the Use of Remedies a Denial of Faith When One Is Being Healed by Prayer?

Wed. What Will Become of the Millions of Heathen Who Have Died?

Thur. Absolute Proof That the Jews Will Return to Jerusalem.

Fri. Baptism for the Dead—Does It Do Any Good to Baptize People Who Do Not Believe? [General lec­ture on baptism.]

Sat. What Church Would the Apostle Peter Attend if He Were on Earth Today?

Thirteenth Week

Sun. Why I Am a Seventh-day Adventist.

Mon. The Judgment Hour Message. [First angel's message.]

Tues. The Fall of Modern Babylon. [Second angel's message.]

Wed. The Third Angel's Message.

Thur. Was the Old Covenant Made With the Jews and the New Covenant With the Gentiles ?

Fri. A Time Coming When Men Would Give a For­tune to Hear a Sermon—Is That Time Near?

Sat. Is Talking in Tongues Necessary to Receive the Holy Ghost?

Fourteenth Week

Sun. When the Seventh Trumpet Sounds. [General review of the signs of the times and appeal for prepa­ration of heart to meet the Lord.]

Mon. The Seven Terrible Plagues to Smite the Earth Just Before the Coming of Christ—Epidemics of Boils Without Remedy—Poisoned Water.

Tues. Great Heat Waves Scorching Thousands—Darkness That Can Actually Be Felt.

Wed. Great Sign Plague Now Starting—Frog Spirits Appearing on Earth—Hailstones Fifty Pounds in Weight—Earthquakes That Will Flatten Cities.

Thur. Why the Modern World Has Come Back to Eden for Its Diet.

Fri. Pilate—What Would You Have Done in His Place? [Obedience—taking a definite stand for the truth.]

Sat. [Special lecture on Galatians. Attention given to verses usually employed by enemies of Sabbath.]

Fifteenth Week

Sun. God's Last Message to the World. [Based on Elder Everson's lecture published in his book called "Bible Lectures"—one of his mightiest appeals.]

(Six Mystery Lectures)

Mon. The Mystery of the Devil Dancers of Tibet—How Did They Know in Their Land That the World War Was on Before the White Man Did? [ Shows the work of evil spirits preparing for another world war.]

Tues. The Mystery of the Purple Woman. [Revela­tion 17.]

Wed. The Mystery of Necropolis—When Will It Be Unveiled? [On the resurrection.]

Thur. The Mystery of a Mystical Seven. [Study of the number 7 through the Bible.]

Fri. The Mystery of Mysteries—The Secret of the Ages. [The gospel of salvation.]

Sat. The Mystery of Iniquity.

Sun. "The City Which Hath Foundations." [Final lecture on the home of the saved, and eternity.]

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By H. M. S. RICHARDS, Evangelist, Southern California Conference

August 1937

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