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Introducing our designated medium for the new medical missionary association

L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry.

It is a complete, full-rounded message of reform, embracing body, mind, and soul. It includes the whole man, taking in his beliefs, his attitudes, and his practices—spiritual, mental, and physical. Nothing less can possibly be complete, and nothing else com­mensurate with our designated task. If we are to be faithful to our heavenly charge to fully prepare a people to meet their God, none of these three contributing elements may be neglected or omitted in our witness to the world.

To this fundamental principle there will doubtless be general assent. But to be effec­tive it must obviously be carried into action. The harmonious blending of our heaven-born message of true religious reform in belief and practice, with that of sound, rational, physical reform—so constantly and consistently urged through the years by the Spirit of prophecy—should therefore be given its rightful place and prominence by us as a people, and assume its integral relationship to our world commission. A regrettable separation has been permitted to come, or to continue, between these two phases ordained by God to be blended and exemplified in the ministry of Christ, our Perfect Pattern.

The gospel worker has, for the most part, left the health message largely out of his evan­gelistic plans and pastoral program. On the other hand, the medical worker has, to a large degree, followed his professional pursuits rather apart from the integral life and gospel message of the church. The hour has mani­festly come—and is indeed long past due—for a change to take place, for a genuine interest to be taken by these two groups in one an-other's work and problems. The time has ar­rived for a definite acquaintance to be had with one another's contributions to the com­mon objective. Yea, more, the time is ripe for a definite coordination between the two, to the mutual advantage of both and the blessing of the church at large.

The plans for making this coordination ef­fective are set forth by our denominational leaders in the new "Medical Missionary" sec­tion of this issue, beginning on page 27. Here also is found the authorizing action taken by the General Conference Committee in the 1937 Autumn Council session, just ended, creating a Medical Missionary Association of Seventh-day Adventist medical workers. The same Council formally voted that The Ministry be enlarged to forty-eight pages, thus enabling it to set apart eight pages monthly for a care­fully conducted, virile "Medical Missionary" section that should prove of deepest interest and practical profit to our full group of evangelistic workers. This new section will be non­professional in character, nontechnical in content and phrasing, practical, simple, yet sci­entific, and will harmonize with the clear coun­sels of the Spirit of prophecy. This will not diminish the regular space of The Ministry, which, instead, has been similarly increased by eight pages to care for the features previously described in "Our Three-Point Enlargement."

Designation of The Ministry as the me­dium of communication between the members of the newly formed Medical Missionary As­sociation of Seventh-day Adventist medical workers, will draw an additional two thousand physicians, nurses, dietitians, medical techni­cians, and dentists,—in both institutional serv­ice and private practice,—as regular readers of this, the one professional journal of the denomination. The editorial council for this "Medical Missionary" section will logically comprise the secretary and two of the associate secretaries of the General Conference Medical Department,—Dr. H. M. Walton, Elder M. A. Hollister, and Miss Kathryn Jensen, R.N.,­who will be responsible for gathering the ma­terials to appear therein, and for their scien­tific accuracy.

To this large medically trained group, the regular evangelical features of The Ministry should also be of exceptional worth and con­stant interest, enlarging the vision and impart­ing a grasp of this message, its motive and its mission, thus stimulating to aggressive mis­sionary action. On the other hand, our min­isterial and Bible worker body, irrespective of background and attitude, need a closer, more sympathetic, personal acquaintance with those heaven-born medical missionary principles that are both designed and destined to prove of such practical and strategic value in the clos­ing scenes of our witness to the world. The true relationship of the "right arm" to the "body" of the message will be ably and fully presented in future issues.

It is therefore with genuine pleasure and satisfaction that we introduce to this aug­mented Ministry reader group our enlarged journal with a greater mission and a wider field than ever offered before. To all our readers, new and old, we bespeak a cordial New Year's greeting! And we wish you, one and all, joy and profit in perusing these forty-eight pages monthly, ordained in the provi­dence of God, we firmly believe, to minister still more and more effectively to the "spiritual power and greater efficiency" of the full worker body of the advent movement. Wel­come, medical missionary workers, to the regu­lar reader group of The Ministry.

L. E. F.

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry.

January 1938

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Editorial Postscripts

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Medical Missionary Association of Seventh-Day Adventists

Authorized by Action of Battle Creek Autumn Council, October 22, 1937.

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