Corroboration of Sanctuary Positions

How bible expositors corroborate the conclusions set forth by our church on prophecy.

By J. E. FULTON, Field Secretary, Pacific Union Conference

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By J. E. FULTON, Field Secretary, Pacific Union Conference

June 1938

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The Mission Movement Challenged

Facing the new, portentous attitude toward missions has come into vogue.

The Revival of Romanism—No. 1

The pulse of the world is violently athrob. We are keenly aware that the long-waited crisis is imminent. Humanity's mighty struggle, involving both national and international issues, is fast taking on a reli­gious hue. And the ecclesiastical power com­ing to the front is the Papacy.

Our Ambassadorial Limitations—No. 2*

Rightly representing our heavenly country to all peoples.

The Atonement Central—No. 3

The Father is the author of the atonement.

A More Effectual Ministry

Articles on evangelistic methods and pastoral techniques.

Prayer at Bible Studies

Should prayer be offered at the beginning of a Bible study or at the close, or at both times?

Just Between Us Missionary Wives—No. 1

A true helpmeet doubles the missionary's effectiveness

Ecumenical Movement Afterthoughts—No. I

Much has been said and written about the Edinburgh conference on church union, held in August, 1937. Some are prone to rule the subject out of serious consideration and examination as devoid of potential dangers.

The Capital and Labor Issue—No. 1

One of the most widely discussed and far-reaching topics of the day is the con­troversy raging between capital and labor.

Editorial Keynotes

From the editor's desk.

Ours is Indeed a Lifesaving Message

The corrupting habits of the antediluvian world, so vicious as to make necessary the submersion and destruction of practically the entire human family in a great flood, find an exaggerated counterpart in the body and soul destroying practices of this present day.

Neglected Non-Adventist Ministers

How will they hear unless we tell them?

Basic Principles of Health Teaching

No. 6—Broader Scope Than "Biologic Living"

Principles of Administration—No. 4

We now come to the matter of confer­ence administration.

Religious World Trends

Sobering evidence of the further tragic moral fall of one of the various sections of Protestant Babylon is found in the recently published report of the Anglican Commis­sion on Christian Doctrine in the Church of England.

The Place of Gospel Songs

A symposium on gospel music from musicians not of our faith, appearing in the Sunday School Times of September 25, 1937, contains certain gems which we here reproduce with but little comment.

Editorial Postscripts

From the Ministry back page.

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