Neat Bible Worker Uniform

Neat Bible Worker Uniform*

The sole purpose of an evangelistic cam­paign is to save souls. To this end, every detail should be planned with utmost care, in order that all essentials may be provided for and that the work of the campaign may pro­gress with ease

By Ernest and Ardice Branson, Formerly of the Missouri Conference

The sole purpose of an evangelistic cam­paign is to save souls. To this end, every detail should be planned with utmost care, in order that all essentials may be provided for and that the work of the campaign may pro­gress with ease. Many times Bible workers have been lectured on how not to dress, with doubtful results. But when we followed the plan of suggesting a neat, becoming uniform, in every instance they were found to be most appreciative and cooperative. We found that Bible workers are more than thankful to have the vexing problem of "what to wear to meet­ing tonight" permanently settled before the campaign begins. In the end, it is much less expensive to have one good uniform which is always ready to wear, than to keep various dresses, suits, and coats in presentable con­dition.

An evangelist finds it to great advantage to be able to locate his helpers anywhere in the auditorium at a glance. Also, he can refer interested people to "the woman in the uni­form." When church members are asked questions which they are not competent to answer—as they sometimes are—they can di­rect the questioners to the Bible worker. In fact, people are more likely to ask the Bible instructor in the first place, and of course these workers have been previously instructed regarding the proper way to meet the public.

Not the least advantage is the harmonious picture of dignity and unity presented by a group of neatly attired women. Wearing this uniform, Bible workers find it much less em­barrassing to talk with new people and visit with strangers who attend the meetings. And the people recognize that they have a part in the program, and do not question their first approach.

One of the best-appearing uniforms is very similar to a nurse's dress uniforth made of good-quality silk crepe. Some use a white blouse with black skirt and cape. Others prefer a light shade of material for the blouse, and navy blue for the skirt and cape. Adapt­able patterns can be purchased in any fair-sized city. If there is more than one Bible worker, all should purchase together or have the uniforms made by the same person, so as to have them as nearly alike as possible. The Bible workers do not usually wear uniforms while makinc, calls in the homes, or at any time other than at the regular evangelistic services. Some ministers' wives have found it convenient to wear an all-white satin uniform cut after the same pattern as that of the Bible workers. These are very serviceable and practical.

In a city effort it is usually preferable to have the women in the choir robed with simply fashioned white or black robes. Then all look alike, the audience is not distracted by various types and colors of dress, and the choir mem­bers do not have to be concerned regarding what they should wear. While we should avoid too much formalism, nevertheless there should always be dignity and a spirit of reverence in an auditorium in which the most sacred and profound truths are being pre­sented. Order and a planned program are in harmony with God's instructions given to ancient Israel.

* Elder Branson, newly appointed superintendent, Egyptian Mission (formerly of the Missoursi conference).

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By Ernest and Ardice Branson, Formerly of the Missouri Conference

November 1938

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