Utilizing Twentieth-Century Facilities

The twentieth century—just three words, but what rivers of swift-flowing thought they immediately conjure up. Conspicu­ously outstanding in the midst of all these latter-day streams flow the swollen waters of that powerful, captivating, breath-taking tor­rent—that mighty river, scientific modern advantages.

By A. I. MITCHELL, Pastor, Queensland, Australia

The twentieth century—just three words, but what rivers of swift-flowing thought they immediately conjure up. Conspicu­ously outstanding in the midst of all these latter-day streams flow the swollen waters of that powerful, captivating, breath-taking tor­rent—that mighty river, Scientific Modern Advantages.

That amazing current, the waters of which are available to all in proportion to their ability to utilize, is daily used by the most successful men and women in every walk of life. These have learned that true success is unattainable apart from their use of this river, which has providentially been placed in the twentieth century to make possible the suc­cessful undertaking of large-scale tasks in brief periods of time.

Greatest and most important of all pro­digious tasks yet to be completed in our day is the enlightening of every soul upon the face of our mundane sphere with the final message of warning to prepare for the coming King. Is not the present increase of knowledge part of God's plan for the speedy finishing of His work on earth? All advent watchmen agree unanimously that it is. But are we indi­vidually using the facilities which God has placed within our reach? If not, are we not guilty of delaying the urgent message of the King, already overdue to the multitudes of earth's vast family?

To illustrate, I refer to the use of the daily newspapers. By using the daily' press, we as ministers have opportunity of reaching tens of thousands with our sermons, instead of mere hundreds. Here is an important query—and I speak of myself as well as my brother minis­ters, for at times I have failed—If we have opportunity regularly to report our sermons in the great dailies at no cost to ourselves or to the cause, except the time and thought required to prepare them, and we neglect to use the means which God has placed within our hands, are we guiltless? If we fail here, are we not by our neglect ignoring the message of Scripture to "sow beside all waters"? And would we not also be ignoring the message of the Spirit of prophecy which tells us to do this very work ? Brethren, if we are reaching hundreds where God has made it possible to reach multitudes, with no extra financial cost, are we not coming close to earning the title "slothful serv­ant"?

You ask, Is it true that the daily newspapers will publish reports of our sermons entirely free? I answer, "Yes, and in many cases they will receive your reports with thanks, if you do your part efficiently." In preparing for the work of evangelist, I studied the materials sent out by the General Conference Press Bureau.* I saw the advantages in utilizing this wonder­ful means of spreading the message, and have worked in conjunction with the newspapers ever since the days of my work as assistant evangelist. When I began to carry greater responsibilities, I used the newspapers much more, some of my reports lacking only a few inches of being two columns in length. At the present time, I believe I can say that al­together it would require about four of our small 96-page books to contain all this matter. I have worked in many centers in Australia and New Zealand, and almost every article and almost every word that I have presented to the newspapers has been published without one cent of cost.

At one time, in my present center of work, I handed in a report of over a column each on three meetings a week. They were all pub­lished word for word as handed in, with the exception of the headings put in by the editor. I had twenty to forty inches of space for one sermon report on the advent message. Surely I would have been hiding the light under a bushel if I had failed here.

Someone may ask, Can all phases of the ad­vent message be presented in the press? Per­sonally I am convinced that with much prayer, God will give the necessary wisdom to pre­pare every phase of the message in such a way that editors will accept it, and nearly every phase can be presented in simplified language. However, we must study Christ's method of presenting truth, for there are times when figures and parables can be used which will bring success, whereas the plain, prosaic truth may be rejected. This applies princi­pally to the Catholic question. There are times, however, when it is opportune to write in a straightforward manner, even on that question.

We have such a time here in Queensland at present. There is a tremendous wave of Protestantism sweeping the whole country. The movement commenced when an effort was made by the Papacy to secure state aid for Catholic schools. This enabled me to get a column in the press under the heading, "Plain Talk on Protestantism and Roman Catholi­cism," and another column on "The Predicted Boycott." Still another long report soon went into print, showing that the only pathway to unity was a return to the Bible. The main heading was "Universal Christian 'Unity," and the editor's subtitle was "Pathway to Fulfill­ment of Great Ideal."

Thinking that these hUmble efforts might be suggestive and helpful to fellow evangelists over here and to others preparing for the work, I had thirty sermon reports published in a 96-page book,* exactly as they were printed in the newspaper. The length of the reports ranges from about one column up to nearly two columns, and each one covers in a complete way the particular phase of the sub­ject dealt with. This set of sermon reports presents the easier phases of the message, and editors are thankful for them if they are properly prepared. The following headings, with one exception, represent sets or series of sermons as reported and republished in book form:

"The World's. Most Wonderful Book" (five ser­mon reports).

"Anti-Infidel Center Shots" (five sermon reports, including "The Bible Communism").

"The Actual. Glorious, Stupendous, Awe-Inspir­ing Return of Christ" (four sermon reports).

The Millennium and the New Earth" (three sermon reports).

"Christianity's Foundation Plant" (one sermon). "The Law of God" (five sermon reports). (Head­ings of this series: "God's Wonderful Ten Com­mandments," "The Ten Commandments in the New Testament," "The Temporary Law of Ordinances," "Difficult Law Texts," and "Highway Traffic Rules.")

* The Press Bureau of the General Conference, Takoma Park, D.C., U.S.A., has a number of help­ful printed pamphlets and mimeographed aids which are sent out free, on request, to any of our workers who are interested in writing for the newspapers. These include the following : "Lessons in Newspaper Reporting," "Great Fundamentals of Advent Mes­sage," "Report Your Sermons in the Newspapers," "What May Be Accomplished by a Single Evangelist Who Believes Newspaper Reporting Pays," "Key Sentences on Doctrinal Subjects to Aid in News­paper Publicity," "Opportunities to Report Evan­gelistic Meetings Through the Newspapers," "Let­ters to Editor Should Contain Striking Messages for Multitudes," "Rescue Men and Women, Boys and Girls, From the Demon Monster Liquor !" "Sunday Laws and Constitutional Guaranties." In addition to the practical suggestions contained in these bulletins, you may have your name placed on the mailing list of the Press Bureau and receive special bulletins which are issued from time to time. --Editor.

* If our workers are interested in this book, it is obtainable from the author at thirty cents (plus eight cents postage outside the British Empire, or four cents within). Address him at 37 O'Connell Ter­race, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. —Editor.

The subjects mentioned here are by no means the only subjects editors will publish. I have already had column after column pub­lished on almost every point of the advent message, enough to fill up two or three more small books. Here are some subjects as re­ported, more than a column of newspaper space in length, for the most part, with head­ings as they appeared in the press:

"The Christian Sabbath. It Was Made at Creation. Spans All Time."

"The Identical, Seventh-Day—Traced From Creation Week."

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By A. I. MITCHELL, Pastor, Queensland, Australia

November 1938

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