Hold Steady Under Crisis Conditions

Shun the temptation to prognosticate what has not been revealed.

By J. L. McELHANY, President of the General Conference

These are anxious days for all who understand the extreme gravity of the times to which we have come. The flames of war are lighted, and where the conflagration may spread we do not know. Nor can any safely predict how the nations may align themselves.

Clearly, unmistakably, we have added evi­dence that the day of God is hastening on. When the work of God is finished, and sin has run its course, Christ will come. Unerr­ingly the prophecies of God's word are being fulfilled. This is not the time for our faith to weaken, or for our courage to fail. We have not preached "cunningly devised fables" in proclaiming the soon coming of our Saviour.

Amid all the excite­ment, clamor, and noise of war, there is great need for us as workers in the cause of God to ring out a clear, definite message to the world re­garding the meaning of the things that are hap­pening at this time. Our preaching should be kept on a lofty plane, allow­ing the word of God to speak through our min­istry to the world.

There will be tempta­tion to exploit the ac­tivities of national lead­ers and governmental policies, and to become sensational in preaching about these things. In­deed, some will possibly even venture to proph­esy regarding the out­come of these matters.

Hold Fast Thy Faith 

By Robert Hare

Through the midnight long and dreary,

Eager eyes have watched for day, 

While prophetic lips have whispered

Of the glory far away.

Seers have told, through passing ages,

Of the heritage to come;

And lone pilgrims, weary waiting,

Long for an eternal home.

Warring nations sound their tocsins,

Battle thunders o'er the plain;

Catch the whisper in their echoes,

"Our Redeemer comes again."

Comes in majesty and glory,

Warring nations to defeat,

Comes according to His promise,

His salvation to complete.

Pilgrim, watch, and still press onward,

Soon the dawning must appear, 

Morning stars that gild the heavens,

Till the coming day is near.

Hold your faith amid the tumult, 

Hold it fast, secure and true,

Earth and heav'n will share the glory

When the Saviour comes for you!

We have already heard of some who by lurid and sensational announcements are rushing in to tell the world what it all means and how it will come out. Some would-be prophets may find themselves discredited and confounded by the folly of their own hasty predictions.

Let us keep our preaching free from the sen­sational and the speculative. Let us have a deep sense of our own soul needs in these sol­emn times. As leaders of the church, we must know what it means to have every worldly tie broken that binds our own souls to sin. We must be a deeply spiritual, consecrated group of men. We must have a true regard for the spiritual welfare of the church. The church needs to be awakened to its great need. This is a time when we should both labor and pray for a revival of true godli­ness among us.

Let us not spend our time in speculating on how long or how short time may be, but rather let us remember the scripture that says, "The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light."

In view of all that is before us, God's ex­hortation to His peo­ple is: "Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh." Matt. 24:44. Let us all hold steady under crisis conditions.

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By J. L. McELHANY, President of the General Conference

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