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Medical Cadet Corps Training

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Medical Cadet Corps Training

M.O. Dart

By M. O. DART, M.D., Porter Sanitarium, Denver, Colorado


Interest in providing training for S.D.A. young men, so that they may be fitted to engage in non­combatant lines of service in the event of being drafted, has recently been renewed. Medical train­ing has appeared to be one of the most desirable approaches to meet the need; therefore our sani­tariums and colleges have been particularly active in making Provision for adequate training. Oppor­tunities for training are to be made available in a number of our sanitariums for the young men who are unable to attend our colleges. We plan to give brief reports of this work in various centers front time to time. Doctor Dart and associates have organized a group in Denver, Colorado. Our readers will doubtless be interested in this brief report of their medical-cadet-corps training.                     

H. M. W.

In harmony with the request that our de­nominational institutions cooperate in offer­ing training to our young men to qualify them for noncombatant military service, a class of thirty-two was organized at the Porter Sanitarium for medical-cadet-corps training. The first class was held December 24, 1939. The group meets each Sunday for four and one-half hours of study and drill.

Elder L. S. Melendy, who is the chaplain. conducts a religious service. Classes consist of four forty-five-minute lecture periods each week. Some of the subjects covered are mili­tary courtesies, organization of medical corps, defense against chemical warfare, personal hygiene, sanitation, principles of anatomy and physiology, first aid, close-order drill, physical exercises, et cetera. The first-aid course is covered so as to entitle the student to the American Red Cross Standard First Aid Cer­tificate.

Instructors are Drs. M. O. Dart and R. N. Brown of the Porter Sanitarium and Drs. D. F. Page and C. L. Turner of the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium. Each of these doctors holds a commission as first lieutenant in the Medical Reserve Corps of the Army. Clark Smith, of Campion Academy, is instructor in close-order drill and physical exercises.

Officers of the Army and members of the Reserve Corps of the district have been very cooperative. Guest speakers who have par­ticipated in the teaching include the assistant district surgeon and assistant district adjutant for the Colorado and Wyoming CCC dis­trict, and the commanding officer of the 328th medical regiment. Sound movies are being utilized in teaching some of the medical and other technical subjects.

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