"Belying" Peaceful Principles

The real purpose for the appointment of Myron C, Taylor to the Vatican is grad­ually appearing on the surface of actual fact.

By H. L. RUDY, President, Central European Division, Section 2

The real purpose for the appointment of Myron C, Taylor to the Vatican is grad­ually appearing on the surface of actual fact. The Christian Century's clear-thinking editor has unveiled Mr. Taylor's Mission in the fol­lowing terse statement:

"The President's appointment of an ambassador to the Vatican has been finally disengaged from the verbalism and sentimentalism which at the outset concealed its true nature from the public. Three facts are now clear. (r) It is clear that the illegal investment of Mr. Taylor with the rank of ambassa­dor had nothing whatever to do with 'peace' or the alleviation of human suffering.' There is no imagin­able service or function which Ambassador Taylor can perform for peace or humanity which Mr. Taylor as the unofficial personal representative of the Presi­dent could not perform. (2) It is clear that the President's inclusion of Protestantism and Jewry with the Holy See in alleged 'parallel efforts' for peace was totally unreal, and because unreal, a de­ception and an affront to both Protestantism and Jewry. (3) It is now clear that the declaration, first by the State Department and later by the President, that the appointment of Mr. Taylor 'does not constitute the inauguration of formal diplomatic relations with the Vatican,' is belied by objective and indisputable fact. Mr. Taylor claims to be an ambassador, he was constituted an ambassador by the President, who also defined his functions as an ambassador, he was received by the Vatican as an ambassador, and he acts as an ambassador. The gov­ernment of the United States now has 'formal,' 'official,' diplomatic' relations with the Vatican.. That this relationship is illegal only adds flagrancy to the fact that it exists."—April 24, p. 534.

Point 3 in the foregoing paragraph brings to mind a paralleling statement from Mrs. White, found in "The Great Controversy:"

'The lamblike horns and dragon voice of the sym­bol (Rev. 13:11-14) point to a striking contradiction between the Professions and the practice of the nation thus represented. The 'speaking' of the nation is the action of its legislation and judicial authorities. By such action it will give the lie to those liberal and peaceful principles which it has put forth as the foundation of its policy."—Page 442.

The student of prophecy and religious trends can readily see the potential fulfillment of the statement in "The Great Controversy" in such episodes as the Taylor appointment.

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By H. L. RUDY, President, Central European Division, Section 2

July 1940

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