Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium

Here at Boulder we have been trying to do what we can to make our workers and laity sanitarium-conscious, and to put the gospel into practice at home.

By F.R. Isaac, Chaplain of the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium

I have had the privilege of late of present to our near-by churches some of the pointed statements made in the Spirit of proph­ecy regarding our medical work. I find that our church members are impressed, just as I was, that now is the time when these counsels should be more definitely heeded. Such state­ments as, "Genuine medical missionary work is the gospel practiced," and, "In the work of the gospel, teaching and healing are never to be separated," are really to the point, and our people want to know if we are bearing out these injunctions.

Here at Boulder we have been trying to do what we can to make our workers and laity sanitarium-conscious, and to put the gospel into practice at home. On Medical Day four­teen of the sanitarium workers went out to the surrounding churches with a specific mes­sage to give to our people. Since then four of us made a "good-will" trip through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, meeting with our peo­ple and contacting former patients.

The thing that impressed me was how ap­preciative the well-to-do patients were of our visit, and their favorable attitude toward the sanitarium and our message. A number of them told us that they enjoyed worshiping with us. One woman, while telling a friend of the advantages at our sanitarium, said, "They help you spiritually as well as phys­ically. I am half Adventist already myself." Another told me confidentially that if it wasn't for her business, she would be an Adventist. Let us hope that erelong she will come into the fold and bring the business with her. It seems to me that it would be a fine thing if we could unite with our pastors in a judicious effort in behalf of people with means, and win them to the truth.

Some of these people, blessed in this world's goods, asked for the location of our churches, wishing to attend our meetings. But when informed of our place of worship, a heavy cloud seemed to come over their faces. They felt, as we did, that some of our church build­ings hardly represent our work. I am glad to say that many of our churches are attractive enough for any of these people, and others could be made so with little effort. My heart goes out to the people who may have been held back because of circumstances. It seems to me that the time has come for us to plan definitely to reach this class.

As we met with our own people, we en­deavored to impress upon their minds that an Adventist home should be a place to which people can go when in trouble. In order to make it such, the right arm of the message needs to be developed. Illustrations were given of how practical medical missionary work proved to be the entering wedge into the homes and hearts of the people who are now rejoicing in the truth. From the hearty re­sponse, we realized that our people are looking for instruction along these lines which will enable them to contact the people of their city.

In one of the cities we visited one sister who is a full-fledged nurse. She is being invited to the homes of the well-to-do to give regular treatments. In practically every home we con­tacted, her thorough work was mentioned, with the remark, "She is not only a good nurse, hut a real Christian." Can it not be that the Lord would like to see a hundred of such workers where now there is one? The question is, What are we doing to prepare more of our sisters to do similar work? If the medical work is the last work in which we as a people can engage, the whole working force should do what they can to foster it now, so that our people may be prepared for the closing scenes.

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By F.R. Isaac, Chaplain of the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium

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