Study of the Prophecies

Vital "Testimony" Counsels

Ellen G. White

1. Overlooked Truths to Appear

The Lord designs that in the revelation of truth in all ages, the doctrine of grace shall be gradually unfolded to the comprehen­sion of man. If we follow on to know the Lord, we shall know His going forth is pre--pared as the morning. His truth unfolds as the obscurity of dawn brightens into the radi­ance of noonday. We have been fully con­vinced of this fact in these meetings.

I have received a blessing in hearing from human lips the presentation of rich truth indited by the Holy Spirit of God, presenting the requirements of God,—a holy and perfect obedience; showing that complete satisfaction has been given the Father in His only-begotten Son as a Lamb without blemish and without spot ; and that through the merits and virtue of Christ's character, all who will believe in Him may become complete in Him.

The kingdom of heaven, in the sense of celestial truth, is like treasure hid in a field, the which when a man hath found he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath and buyeth that field. He digs over every part of it, that he may come into pos­session of its treasures.

So in searching the field and digging for the precious jewels of truth, hidden treasures are discerned. Unexpectedly we find precious ore that is to be gathered and treasured. And the search is to be continued. Hitherto very much of the treasure found has lain near the surface, and was easily obtained. When the search is properly conducted every effort is made to keep a pure understanding and heart. When the mind is kept open and is constantly searching the field of revelation, we shall find rich de­posits of truth. Old truths will be revealed in new aspects, and truths will appear which have been overlooked in the search.---(July 29, 1897) Ellen G. White MS. 75, 1897.

2. Sink Shaft Deep Into Mines of Truth

The members of the church of God need to be instructed and educated, line upon line, as a Bible class. Nine tenths of our people, including many of our teachers and ministers, are content with surface truths.

In the Bible the truth is compared to treas­ure hid in a field, the which, when a man hath; found, he hideth; and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field. He desires the privilege of searching every part of the field, that he may make him­self the possessor of all its treasures. I call upon my brethren in the name of the Lord to sink the shaft deep into the mines of truth.—(April 25, 1901) Ellen, G. White MS. 35,1901.

3. Dig Deeply for Solid Foundations

Many who are serving as gospel ministers need to study the Word. Revelation means something revealed, which all are to under­stand. Dig deep for the truth. Plead with the Lord for an understanding of His Word, Those who feel their need of the special help ,of God will ask Him who is the source of all wisdom to supply their necessities. Ask Him to enlighten your understanding, that you may know how to give light to others. Put your mind to the tax. Never rest satisfied with a partial knowledge of the truth, pieced out with some weak suppositions.—(1899) Ellen G. White MS. 174, 1899.

4. Mighty Truths Buried Beneath Rubbish of Error

Mighty truths have been buried beneath the sophistry of error, but they will be found by the diligent searcher. As he finds and opens the treasure house of the precious jewels of truth, it is no robbery; for all who appreciate these jewels may possess them, and then they too have a treasure house to open to others. He who imparts does not deprive himself of the treasure; for as he examines it that he may present it in such a way as to attract others, he finds new treasures.—(July to, 1898) Ellen G. White MS. 88, 1898.

5. Grapple With Great Themes

My brethren, the value of the evidences of truth that we have received during the past half century, is above estimate. These evi­dences are as treasure hidden in a field. Search for them. Study the Bible truths that for fifty years have been calling us out from the world. Present this evidence in clear, plain lines. Those who have been long in the truth and those who have recently received the truth must now dig for the buried heavenly treasure. Let every man work to the point. Study the word of God. Revive the evidences given in the past. "Search the Scriptures," Christ said; "for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of Me."

Those who stand before the people as teach­ers of truth are to grapple with great themes. They are not to occupy precious time in talk­ing of trivial subjects. Let them study the Word, and preach the Word. Let the Word be in their hands as a sharp, two-edged sword. Let it testify to past truths and show what is to be in the future.

Christ came from heaven to give to John the great, wonderful truths that are to shape our lives and that by us are to be proclaimed to the world. We are to keep abreast of the times, bearing a clear, intelligent testimony, guided by the unction of the Holy Spirit.—(April 2, 1906) Ellen G. White MS. 31, 1906.

6.Increased Light to Shine on All Grand Truths of Prophecy

Increased light will shine upon all the grand truths of prophecy, and they will be seen in freshness and brilliancy, because the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness will illumi­nate the whole...

The Lord wants to impart to us increased light. He desires that we shall have distinct revealings of His glory, that ministers and people shall become strong in His strength. When the angel was about to unfold to Daniel the intensely interesting prophecies to be re­corded for us who are to witness their fulfill­ment, the angel said, "Be strong, yea, be strong." We are to receive the very same glory that was revealed to Daniel, because it is for God's people in these last days, that they may give the trumpet a certain sound.______ (1888)  Ellen G. White MS. 18, 1888.

7.Be Not Diverted by Minutiae

We are to proclaim the third angel's mes­sage to a perishing world, and we are not to permit our minds to become diverted by minutiae that practically amount to nothing. If our brethren would consider the important matters pertaining to eternal life and eternal death, many of the smaller matters that they desire so much to adjust, would adjust them­selves.

The Lord calls upon His ministering serv­ants to proclaim the message of truth, dwelling upon those things that are of great importance. When Jesus shall lead us by the side of the living waters flowing from God's throne, He -will explain to us many of the mysteries of the Bible that we cannot now comprehend. He is the Great Teacher of His Word, which cannot be fully understood in this life, but which in the future life will be clothed with the bright­ness of the light of clear understanding.—(Jan. I, 1903) Ellen G. White Letter 16,1903.

______ To be concluded in December

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Ellen G. White

November 1940

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