The Greater Bible Work

The Greater Bible Work—No. III

Part eight of our look at the bible worker.

L.C.K. is an associate editor of the Ministry.

A most interesting letter recently came to our desk. A successful Bible worker of long experience related her initiation into the profession. Country bred, and after a brief and not too specific course in one of our acad­emies, she was plunged into the Bible work in one of our larger cities. Before leaving school for her field of labor, she inquired of her director, "What shall I do, and how shall I begin?" There came the well-known reply, "You will have to find out when you get there."

But making contacts for the message is not that simple. Without those "wisely directed" plans that Heaven has recommended for the Bible work, many a young worker has lost heart in her attempt to get a grip on her task. Too many have continued unnecessarily long in the "University of Hard Knocks."

What Bible worker has not placed before the Lord name cards of interested people unknown to her, wondering just where and how to begin? Our evangelists have become skillful in the art of procuring names, but the art of making the proper personal contacts still puzzles the best of workers. Here is scope for develop­ment. Success in soul winning depends largely upon ability to make contacts for Bible study.

Broad faith is still the rugged tool for plow­ing unworked gospel fields. But unless Cod directs the worker into fertile fields for the message, all our generous sowing may produce a scanty harvest. The Bible worker, like the evangelist, must be able to discern the leadings of providence.

We must learn how to make our approaches for the message appealing as well as speedily productive.

Coming close to the people means more than frequent visiting. Unless each visit helps to fasten the truth as a "nail in a sure place," interest, friendliness, winsomeness, and the professional skill of a well-constructed Bible reading may miss the mark. The conversa­tional art consists not merely in carrying on a conversation. The words spoken must be soul-directed. Conversation may even include silently listening to the bitter tale of grief poured out by one who seeks relief. Most people will respond to the initial efforts of a genuinely courteous, earnest, well-poised gospel worker.

While our work appeals to the common people, on whom Jesus also had a strong hold in His day, it must likewise reach those in the higher walks of life. Every Bible worker should study how to reach the more educated and cultured people. Here first impressions must be guarded, and the graces of refinement must prelorninate before such will listen to our special truths for this time. But when these people eventually lay hold on this message, the advantages of their position, and means, and talents will lend great influence to the cause.

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L.C.K. is an associate editor of the Ministry.

March 1942

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