By Miss E. DONALDSON, Bible Worker, South England Conference

The following note was written by G. D. King, president of the South England Conference: "At a short- Bible w)rkers' council recently held in South England, earnest study was given to the ministry of the Bible worker under present wartime conditions. More than ever we are being led to realize that the Bible worker is a most important link in the chain of evangelistic endeavor. The contributions made by the workers themselves at the council, on various subjects, were much appreciated, and in response to a request from the editor of THE MINISTRY, we Ore sending forward some of these papers for pub­lication." One of these presentations appears in this issue. Others will follow in subsequent num­bers.

As we go forth proclaiming the message, we meet with people of varying beliefs. Many of them, by reason of their religious education, have received traditions and fables, and are in ignorance and darkness concerning many points of Bible truth. Some recognize and accept the revelations of the word of God without much difficulty, while others find it a much harder matter to accept new light, even contending that the truth presented is error.

Seventh-day Adventists are fully equipped to meet their difficulties, for we do not follow cunningly devised fables, but have the strong­est, unassailable foundation for our faith : namely, Jesus and His word. Jesus declared of Himself, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." He likewise declared, "Thy word is truth," and the Word reveals "Thy law is the truth." This is the foundation of our faith, the foundation upon which we must work, and which must be revealed in all our presentation. On this point we have the following counsel:

"The sacrifice of Christ as an atonement for sin is the great truth around which all other truths cluster. In order to be rightly understood and ap­preciated, every truth in the word of God, from Gen­esis to Revelation, must be studied in the light that streams from the cross of Calvary."—"Gospel Work­ers," p. 315.

"Proclaim, in the simplicity of Christ, the truths that He came to this world to proclaim, and the power of your message will make itself felt. Do not advocate theories that have no foundation in the Bible. . .                         'It is written' is the test that must be brought home to every soul."—Id., p. 309.

Let it be seen that we have a plain "Thus saith the Lord" for every faith and doctrine which we advocate. Some seem to overlook the fact that all Scripture is profitable for doctrine. They contend that we preach too much doctrine and not enough of Christ. All sound doctrine is centered in Christ, the inexhaustible fountain of truth and true doctrine. We list a few general points to be remembered.

1. Always manifest the spirit of Jesus.

2. Let all who are in error be treated with the gentleness of Christ.

3. Let our labor he in the spirit of love, patience, and meekness.

4. Treat everyone as honest in his beliefs. Some of us sincerely believed error until brought to a knowledge of the truth.

5. Appeal to the love of truth. Perception of truth depends less upon the mind than the heart. The love of truth saves from "deceivableness of un­righteousness."

6. Refrain from argument, which does not con­vict, and often only exasperates.

7. Avoid a spirit of combativeness. Do not de­nounce, condemn, or censure opposers. Seek to win, not alienate.

8. Make the most of points of agreement.

We find excellent counsel in "Gospel Work­ers." In relation to our topic the following chapters might be studied with much profit: "Preaching Christ," "Words of Caution," and "Meeting Opposition."

We can show our readers that the law of God, to which many take exception, was em­bodied in the life and teachings of Jesus. He came to reveal a life of obedience to God's law. He magnified it and taught its unchange­ableness, giving His life to meet its demands. We can prove God's justice in requiring obe­dience, and in this way establish the law. As we present the Sabbath, we find it can be strongly taught from the word, with Christ as Lord of the Sabbath, giving us in the Sabbath a symbol of the rest and re-creation which we must experience in Him.

Every point of Bible truth presented can be centered in Christ, and will lead those who really have the love of truth in their hearts to turn away from the fables and the command­ments of men, and make their decision for Christ and sound doctrine.

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By Miss E. DONALDSON, Bible Worker, South England Conference

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