Working Among Hungarians

A report from Hungary.

By MRS. D. A. MOZAR, Bible Worker, Greater New York Conference

The Hungarian people are, in general, about seventy per cent Catholic, twenty-five per cent Protestant, and about five per cent Jewish. Infidels, in growing numbers, come from these three groups. The best way to approach the Hungarians depends, of course, upon their church relationship and upon the local conditions of the towns in which they live. In our work a very effective approach can be made by the distribution of tracts and by doing little favors for them. After an acquaintance is made, a few general visits are necessary before regular Bible studies can be given.

The advancement of the truth through Bible studies is a very slow process, especially among Catholic Hungarians. Some of the studies have to be repeated several times until a clear .understanding is reached by these readers. Even then some kind of prejudice obsesses them, keeping them in constant fear that they are being misled. During our Bible studies, when they cannot help seeing the truth, they often try to comfort their own hearts with the remark, 'Yes, you are right; but I will never leave my church." To break down this preju­dice, and to help them to decide for Bible truth, constitutes our hardest work for them. It requires first of all the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, and also keen tact, patience, and much time. The influence of relatives, friends, and neighbors upon those with whom we study, in many cases is so detrimental that our readers are often forced to give up studying with us.

In our appeal to win Hungarians, we try to show them the value of eternal things. We try to convince them that their neighbors, relatives, and friends will not be able to save them in the great judgment.

Our introductory Bible study is not always the same. Many times our first Bible study has to be on the Sabbath, and at other times on the state of the dead, in order immediately to break down prejudice. Whenever it is pos­sible, our introductory Bible study with the Catholics is on the word of God, so as to get them acquainted with the Bible, whereas with Protestants we start either with the second coming of Christ or with Daniel 2. The fol­lowing constitute the points generally pre­sented:

1. The word of God

2. Where can we find it?

3. Who gave it?

4. How was it given?

5. For what purpose?

6. What shall we do with it?

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By MRS. D. A. MOZAR, Bible Worker, Greater New York Conference

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