Bible Worker Training School

A report on our bible work.

By MRs. F. D. MYERS, Bible Worker, Reading, Pennsylvania

The following extract from a letter written by E. L. Cardey, of Cape Town, South Africa, tells briefly of a field plan for training Bible workers, particularly appropriate in over­seas divisions. A more detailed write-up on how this Bible worker training school is con­ducted in South Africa, written by the teacher, Mrs. Anderson, will appear in a future issue of the Ministry.

"I want to tell you about a new phase of Bible worker training which we are starting here now, and which I believe has never before been tried in just this way anywhere in our work. Mrs. W. H. Anderson has fitness for teaching and training workers. She has headed my Bible-worker group ever since I came here. The conferences were continually asking for Bible workers whom we had trained; so we have worked out a plan to provide workers for the fields in the union.

"Each conference selects three suitable women whom they will be willing to employ and con­tinue in the work when their eight months of training are up. They are asked to pay these women a-to-o a month while they are in train­ing. Mrs. Anderson has a well-equipped room at the school, and each morning from nine to twelve-thirty, she teaches and instructs in all points of the message, giving a thorough course in doctrines and prophecy. This lasts for four months, and is followed by intensive instruc­tion in methods.

"During this initial period, in the afternoons the students go out and hear Mrs. Anderson give studies to interested persons, and in the evenings they attend meetings, and help in them. At the end of four months they are to assume the responsibility of four or five families to whom they give studies. The school has been in session for six weeks now, and we feel that those who are in attendance will make good workers, and will be regularly employed. Truly, this is a wonderful way to train real Bible work­ers."

Thoroughness in Bible Work

In my teaching of the Bible I take nothing for granted. It is best to cover well every subject, even though the reader may appear to be familiar with certain points. Step by step, the soul must be led into the full knowledge of the truth. Then when I am persuaded that the person studying with me has enough knowledge of the entire message, I urge my reader to take a definite stand for it. Duty in this respect is emphasized in the light of the times in which we are living.

Excuses against the acceptance of the message may be given, but I endeavor by God's help to make it plain that such a choice is a matter of life and death. Christ and Satan are contending for this soul who hangs in the balance, and while the final decision is entirely a personal matter, I am determined to do everything in my power to help my reader to make the proper choice. I must be even more tenacious than Satan in contending for that soul.

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By MRs. F. D. MYERS, Bible Worker, Reading, Pennsylvania

November 1942

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