Evangelism Adjusts Difficulties

Finding time for active evangelism.

By GLENN CALKINS, President of the Inter-American Division

In many places our workers have become so occupied in looking after the affairs of the churches that they do not find time for active evangelism. Church problems and church dis­cipline are occupying their time, and I am rather convinced that Satan is trying to bring in those problems and multiply them, so that our ministers will have their time fully occu­pied in endeavoring to run down some of these minor matters. That situation must be changed.

I find in all the countries which I have re­cently visited that the people are hungry to hear present truth, more so than ever before.

Now is the supreme time to preach the message, because the world today is stirred as it has never been stirred before, and our distinctive truths today will have an appeal such as they have never had before. We must preach the message today, for we may not have the op­portunity of preaching it much longer. I be­lieve our men can be awakened to the situation.

We have talked to some of them, and we have found a ready response. They have won­dered how they can do all the things they should do in looking after their churches, and yet carry on evangelism. We have tried to show them that if they will promote evangelism in their churches, oftentimes that will automat­ically care for many of the things that are now occupying their time. When people hear the truth preached with power, when they see new converts flocking into the church, many of the things that have been causing them to stumble will be driven out of their hearts.

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By GLENN CALKINS, President of the Inter-American Division

December 1942

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