Health Work in Seattle Effort

During our recent tabernacle effort in the city of Seattle, our health message held an important place in our program.

By DON HIATT SPILLMAN, Evangelist, Washington Conference

During our recent tabernacle effort in the city of Seattle, our health message held an important place in our program. In our first lecture along health lines, the simple, natural aids to health which everyone has access to were stressed—fresh air, pure water, sunshine, exercise, recreation, and a cheerful spirit. I find that this helps to break down any prejudice that may exist in the minds of the people re­garding "fanatical" health ideas of Seventh-day Adventists.

In subsequent lectures we stressed the evil effects of alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, etc., and presented scientific evidence as to why these things are harmful. In our "Pictured Truth" meetings conducted by Mrs. Diantha Hansen three times each week in our rear auditorium, we presented these facts in pictures.

We found it helpful in this campaign to have a large display of Loma Linda foods in the rear of the tabernacle, such as Gluten Steaks and Glutenberger, Ruskets, Breakfast Cup, etc. As we spoke of the harmful effects of coffee, we invited the audience to purchase some Break­fast Cup on their way out and try it. The same principle applied when we spoke on the subject of clean and unclean meats and the advantages of a vegetarian diet. We told the people how tasty they would find the meat substitutes to be and invited them to try them.

As a result we acquainted the outside people with our health foods, and also created among our own people a keen interest in these products. I am very glad that we have such wholesome, palatable health foods to offer the people. As evangelists we can do much to give these foods prominence with our non-Adventist friends as they attend our meetings.

Another feature of our health program was the home nursing class conducted for ten weeks by Mrs. Lewis Lyman, R. N. A class such as this is very timely, and appreciated by all who complete it. We had the members of the class, under the supervision of Mrs. Lyman, give a demonstration on the platform after they com­pleted their course and were ready for their home nursing certificates.

We also conducted a Red Cross first-aid class once each week in the rear auditorium of the tabernacle, and a large class finished this course and received their certificates. I believe it is well to conduct these classes in home nursing and first aid in every effort during these times of emergency, for it brings evidence to the public that we desire to do our part in the defense program that is so vital at this time.

In one evening in the tabernacle we sold three hundred copies of the booklet, "If Bombs Fall," and on another evening we had repre­sentatives from the police and fire departments come out and show moving pictures on how to fight incendiary bombs. These features are greatly appreciated by those living and working in the large cities of the Pacific Coast with their great defense plants.

I believe it is important in endeavoring to carry on the health side of this message that we do not attempt to cut and slash away at the habits and practices of the people unless we are prepared to give them something better. The Spirit of prophecy tells us very definitely that we should not take families off a meat diet immediately, for instance, until the lady of the house has learned how to prepare a diet suitable to take its place. I think the Lord expects us to use the common sense He has so graciously given us in such a way that the message will attract rather than repel people.

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By DON HIATT SPILLMAN, Evangelist, Washington Conference

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