The Greater Bible Work

The Greater Bible Work—No. X

Plans and Methods. Experiences and Problems


The whole world seems to be in bewilder­ment. Many are losing faith in their gov­ernments as well as in their churches. Few Christians know an experimental Chris­tianity. Many who call themselves by the name of Christian are more or less skeptics and infi­dels. Atheism is rapidly increasing. Present world problems have revived a paganism which would have been appalling a few centuries ago. True, many are trying hard to maintain their faith in God ; yet on the whole, Christianity has been sadly affected by the struggle between democracy and totalitarianism.

In an effort to think through man's obligations to God, various types of oriental philosophies are being mixed with the Christian religion. A glance at the advertising section of the churches in the newspaper convinces us of the fact that babel voices are defying Bible truth in the very name of Christian religion. Erroneous views of Catholicism, with its background of heathen­ism, have trimmed up Satan's first lie with ori­ental philosophy, so that it will appeal to a race-conscious world. It is time for the coming of Christ and the resurrection of the dead, and an inquisitive and gullible generation is turning Rorneward for an interpretation of the signs of the times.

In an effort to be scientific, Christians are attempting to explain religion by a science, so called, which denies that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. Mesmeric influences entrap those who venture on the ground of Spiritism, whose deceptive influences will accumulate until the coming of Jesus is impersonated by Satan him­self. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is due, and false prophets are appearing in the ranks of the church in many sections of the world. Political leaders are lining up with the anti­christ, and are speaking in the place of God. A toppling culture of the times is introducing the superman and a super-race.

Persecutions of racial groups have revived strange misinterpretations of prophecies. These center mainly around the Jews' return to their native Palestine. The Jewish people themselves are not nearly so serious over this issue as are the Christians ; yet the Near East is a focal point. There is a general "end of the age," if not an "end of the world," expectancy.

These confusions challenge a revival of Bible teaching. Bible truth alone can build genuine faith and assurance. The prophecies, rightly understood, will unveil the future; but in our public and personal evangelism we must find new approaches to capture the attention of think­ing men and women. Other religious groups are now interpreting the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. It is astonishing to see how much of what we recognize as "present truth" is now inculcated in their interpretations.

To meet minds losing faith in the Inspired Word, Bible instructors must be able to bring forth striking Scriptural evidence, as well as scientific proof, for the phenomena of creation and the flood. The events of the second coming of Christ and the destruction of the earth at the end of the world must be taught with Scrip­tural accuracy. Premillennial errors have brought in great confusions which are quite generally adopted by Christian believers. A new emphasis must be given to the interpreta­tion of the kingdom of Christ, the true Israel, and the promised possession of God's people. The whole world is antichrist-conscious, but aside from a few interpretations, classified as "bigotrous," the work of this deceptive power is clothed in uncertainty, mystery, and even politics. Lawlessness makes statesmen help­less to deal with the increasing problems cre­ated by a world whose nations are at each other's throats. It is time for God's law to speak again in the glory and power of Sinai.

Prepared to Meet Erroneous Teachings

Satan knows this ; therefore he has destroyed the beauty of the ten commandment law by his antinomian insinuations and interpretations. Ultradispensationalism is now in league with higher criticism, claiming that we are not living in an age needing both the law and the gospel, but in the "dispensation of grace" in which the law is done away. Protestantism's rejec­tion of the Sabbath restoration is here finding a convenient and appealing argument.

Stealthily Catholicism has charmed the Chris­tian world with her false interpretations of the word. A remnant of God will revive the smol­dering spirit of Protestantism and herald the everlasting gospel message to the world. It will reach every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. It will enter the very strongholds of Rome. The Bible instructor must be prepared to meet every error and sophistry of the times, and with a heart full of the love of Jesus, seek to win the honest in heart from the ranks of Catholicism, as well as from all other denomi­nations.

We do not specialize in studying the argu­ments of the forces of error, nor do we shift our close study from the points of truth, but we must become conscious of stronger approaches to these very foes with whom we must deal. A worn-out line of attack on these errors must be replaced by true knowledge and such methods as will win the hearts of those who are longing for the light of God's word. A great challenge thus comes to our Bible instructors. In an age when people think in terms of psychology and philosophy, the superficial and unskilled teacher is out of place. Only as we study the heavenly blueprint can we hope to acquire that "tact born of divine love" and the true philosophy for this hour.

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February 1943

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