War's Opportunity in Health Evangelism

The war is raising the health question to its proper importance. How can we take advantage of this opportunity?

By PAUL OMAR CAMPBELL, Evangelist, Northern California Conference

The war is raising the health question to its proper importance. For Seventh-day Adventist evangelists, this circumstance presents a great opportunity. Some might hesi­tate to talk upon health topics for fear of mak­ing mistakes. It is true that mistakes have been made, and untenable views have been dogmati­cally urged upon congregations. Some listeners have turned away, almost in disgust. In spite of all this, however, our greatest mistake has been that too often the question has been omitted altogether, except for possibly one lec­ture on clean and unclean meats, with a little thrown in about liquor and tobacco.

Whether our own particular mistake has been one of commission or of omission, our evan­gelists and our audiences have suffered loss, to say nothing of the loss in prestige for the de­nomination. At a time like this, when war has brought the question of food and health in inter-. national importance, Seventh-day Adventists should certainly be in the forefront.

Abundant scientific material is available for presentation. Also, there is ample information in the Spirit of prophecy, but it is usually the revelation of scientific facts, and not the pres­entation of scientific evidence. Consequently the Spirit of prophecy can scarcely be cited as evidence in talking to unbelievers. However, it is a good beginning point around which -to gather scientific evidence. The presentation of this evidence will lay a strong foundation in the minds of unbelievers, and upon this can be built a belief in the inspiration of the Spirit of prophecy.

At the proper time in the evangelistic meet­ing, after presenting some scientific facts, the listeners can be told that these facts are not new to us. The congregation will be inter­ested to know that these facts were called to our attention by divine revelation long before they were well known to scientists.

The medical and health work is still the right arm of the third angel's message. There is no better entering wedge. People may be uninter­ested in religion and yet be health-minded. The city of Seattle, Washington, was an interesting place in our experience. This city had fifteen health-food stores when we were there. The people were health-minded. In our health lec­tures, we enlisted the co-operation of these stores. Besides our regular advertising, which included both doctrinal and health subjects, we printed a special list of our health topics, cov­ering many weeks. On the back of this list, we printed a list of the health-food stores that car­ried Loma Linda products. Various foods were demonstrated at our meetings, and especially Loma Linda foods. The Loma Linda salesman's work was made much easier by this extra pro­motion. Seattle became acquainted with Sev­enth-day Adventist health foods, and needless to say, Seattle is still a good market for Loma Linda products.

In our tabernacle effort at Oakland, Cali­fornia, we conducted health lectures along with our regular evangelistic sermons. Consider­ably more than a hundred were baptized. In the Santa Rosa theater effort, we presented health topics, and after many weeks of meetings, one of our largest crowds came out to a health lec­ture and food demonstration. Samples were given of cake, made without baking powder, covered with frosting made without sugar, of coffee without caffeine, and of protein without flesh. Free Loma Linda samples were distrib­uted. The crowd was enthusiastic.

Cooking School at Sebastopol

In our Sebastopol effort a cooking school was held. It was conducted under the supervision of Miss Della Reiswig, Loma Linda Food Com­pany dietitian, assisted by Miss Eva Beeler, medical secretary for the Northern California Conference. The cooking school was held in the same hall where our meetings were held. For­tunately there is a kitchen in that hall. The school was held from two to four o'clock each afternoon, Monday through Thursday. The evangelist opened each class with a verse of Scripture or some other helpful thought, thus giving it a spiritual turn. Prayer was offered, and after that the dietitian began her lecture and demonstration.

Each day except Thursday the members of the class were given samples of the food dem­onstrated. On Thursday evening there was a demonstration dinner to which the men were in­vited. The evening demonstration was a great success, and the crowd was delighted. One un­believing husband did not want his wife to come and learn how to cook "high-falutin," expensive dishes. She came nevertheless, and was sur­prised at the simplicity. She said, "That die­titian took vegetables I have right in my own garden and made them tasty."

At the close of the cooking school, we took . up the names of those who might be interested in a class of home nursing. A large number of the class handed in their names. Mrs. Lou Metcalfe, the graduate nurse of our company, will have charge of the class. With the shortage of doctors caused by the war, this class in home nursing is going to be a very necessary one.

With the rationing of meat, coffee, and sugar, there is a great interest in cooking with harmless substitutes. If there was ever an hour of opportunity for Adventists, this is such an hour. Everyone is interested in good food. Even unbelievers have to eat. Here is a com­mon ground for all and a point of contact for Seventh-day Adventist workers and laymen.

A Series of Health Topics

(Used by Evangelist Campbell)

God has given us

Natural Foods

Why not use the food God has provided for us ? How much good are you gaining from your food ? What should we eat for the best of health?

Health and Dress

Do you know how to dress for your health's sake ? What about cosmetics ? This lecture is not a tirade on the subject of style and fashion; but just good plain common sense for those Christians or non-Christians who value their health and wish to protect it.

Wet America

America has been invaded by an enemy, and the enemy is not being apprehended. Drinking will never win the war.

Shall We Handicap the unborn? This is a lecture about the effects of to­bacco on the next generation. Whether or not you use tobacco, you should hear this lecture, especially if you are a young man or a young woman.

Do you know how to

Postpone your Funeral?

Physical and spiritual health should go to­gether. This series of meetings is dedicated to the physical, spiritual, and financial well-being of those who attend.

Are you eating food that is


What is this malady that is affecting 25 per cent of the people of San Francisco ? Did you know that the Bible has many rules for healthful living—physical as well as spiritual?

Health in a Bottle (?)

Everyday poisons ! Can we drink health from a bottle of patent medicine? Is the old medicine show a thing of the past?

Are Vitamins Overworked? Come and hear what foods carry certain vitamins, and what these vitamins are sup­posed to do for you.

Dying Americans

Heart disease is accused—both justly and falsely—of causing thousands of deaths. What are some of the causes ? It is pos­sible to avoid some causes.

The Gospel of Good Health. What are the benefits of tea, coffee, and tobacco?

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By PAUL OMAR CAMPBELL, Evangelist, Northern California Conference

March 1943

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